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Kannada Tv Actress Spandana Somanna
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Born on 22nd January 1998 in Hyderabad, Spanadana Somanna is a talented and beautiful actress and model. Her fresh face and sharp features make her profile stand out from others. Passionate and determined from a young age, Spandana debuted in the Kannada film industry with the 2019 serial Naanu Nanna Kanasu. This drama received much love from viewers of all ages and received praise for its production. She has also appeared in numerous other projects like commercial or promotional ads and music videos.

In 2019, Spandana began her second project with the family drama series Abhilasha on Gemini TV. She also starred in the 2020 web series Nachave alongside Mehaboob Dil Se. Spandana remains active in showbiz, modelling and working on various projects, never losing sight of her original goal. She is among the top-rising actors in the South-Indian film entertainment industry.


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