CR Manohar Kannada Actor
  • DOB : 07-12-1979
  • Age : 42
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
Other Skills
    - Producer

Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi-starter Vikram Vedha Click to look into! >> Read More... Vikram Vedha in Tamil was a chart buster hit, and now it is set to be remodeled in Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi. And gathering rights for all three dialects is creator CR Manohar. The picture was a hit because of the interaction amid the two lead actors and even won over the worldwide audience. Apparently, a few cycles of conversation have held with the creators and, if everything goes as per strategy, Manohar will be receiving the film’s rights within some time.

External sources say Manohar sensitive on doing this movie in other south Indian idioms and Bollywood and have been in meetings with the creation house Y NOT Workshops for some time now. Now, he is just pausing for validation from their end. Hearing another inspiring bit of news that Manohar is very keen on functioning with Sudeep for this action who dun niter make in all three dialects, but the footings of this are yet to be known.

The creator and actor now occupied on Prem’s The Villain, which is presently shot. All will be determined once the creator confirms the status of the re-creation rights. And considering Sudeep’s promises for at least three more schemes, we are curious to know how and when he would find the period to do this movie in three different dialects. Vikram Vedha, guided by Pushkar and Gayathri also highlighted our very own Kannada artist Varalakshmi Sharathkumarand Shraddha Srinath among others. Manohar affection for Ishan, big hopes of Rogue at the time of audio and preview launch of his fatherly uncle son Ishan stated his love for Ishan.

He said that this boy Ishan nursed like a young Strive Today. He has taken sufficient training to come to movies. It was after Kannada performer Rakshita and Telugu actor Srikanth estimate on this boy in the household of 30 members existing in one complex of four houses decided to launch him. He had not booked up Kannada in the last 15 years. It was when he got enthralled with Ishan, he gave the start. The straightforwardness of Poori Jagannath is such that he came to relate the story. We did not want that because of assurance had on him.

CR Manohar taking every guest on the juncture greatly acknowledged for such a warm greeting to Ishan. Sunil Kashyap Sunil Kashyap is a music composer and singer in To >> Read More... Sunil Kashyap has done good tunes, and we have new antihero Anup Takur doing very well in rogue role praised CR Manohar. Looking at his household of 30 members residing in the same compound, CR Manohar, MLC copiously thanked his father discharged ACP P Rangaswamy for giving decent atmosphere to grow in the kinfolk.