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Apoorva Gowda

India-born Apoorva Gowda is an actress that performs in movies of the Kannada Film Industry. Her impact in this entertainment milieu is worth noting. Gowda is making waves in the Kannada Cinema. Apoorva always ensures that she demonstrates talent on every platform. She hails from Bangalore, the hub of information technology in India. The initial years of her life were spent in Bangalore, where she gained exposure to the entertainment milieu, and gets inspiration from the numerous celebrities in the Kannada Movie Industry. Apoorva Gowda debuts her education at a school named- “VVSSPHS.” This school is located in Mysore. Apoorva after completing schooling from VVSSPHS, dashes into the cinema industry. Gowda’s talent is admirable. Apoorva enjoys visiting Kapali theater for rehearsals. Apoorva Gowda’s passion for the entertainment milieu, contributes significantly to the rise of this superstar. Her favorite restaurant is titled “The Sugar Factory” due to the services this lounge provides to the customers. She also loves visiting Hyatt Park in Hyderabad. Bangalore Brew Works is a place that attracts Apoorva, because of the environment which is lovely and serene. Apoorva loves pets and owns a puppy. She is a kind and friendly individual. The superstar loves traveling and sometimes visits places like Davanagere and Nagarbhavi. Apoorva admires watching films and watch them as a part of the audience at the PVR Cinema at Orion Mall. Apoorva Gowda debuted her career in a movie titled “First Rank Raju.”This film released in 2015, and made waves in the cinema industry. Apoorva played the role of “Santa” in “First Rank Raju.” This superstar mesmerizes the viewers with her performance. Apoorva Gowda has become an actress that is reputable in the entertainment milieu. This icon continues making progress. Director Naresh Kumar ensures the success of “First Rank Raju.” Apoorva gains experience as she collaborates with actors like Gurunandane Mandimane and Auth Kumar. Ashwin Bondage performs as the writer of “First Rank Raju.” In 2016, she demonstrated her talent in “Kick”. She played the role in collaboration with superstars like Kaavya Sha, Deepika Kamaiah, Kicha Sudeep and Barett Dos. ”Kick” is a television serial, released on 16th of July 2016. ”Kick” is released in Kannada Language. Apoorva Gowda participated in two episodes of “Kick.”Akul Balaji performs as host and actor for the two episodes of “Kick.”

Apoorva Gowda Kannada Actress