Bhavana Ramanna

Other names of Bhavana Ramanna: Nandini Ramanna

Bhavana Ramanna, originally named Nandini Ramanna, is an actress in the Kannada cine field. She is a classical dancer with an expertise in Bharatanatyam. For her outstanding performance in Kannada movies, Bhavana received three awards presented by Kannada Film industry. Her movie '' got the distinction of narration with very few actors in it.

Consequently, the movie took place in Guinness Book. Bhavana holds the position of director in X Home Town Productions. The production house stages dance shows and music concerts. Also, Bhavana Ramanna is a political icon in Karnataka, India. Bhavana debuted in cine field through her role in Maribale, which is a Tulu movie. The movie hit the rock bottom in the box-office, but she came under the scrutiny of Kannada directors for her outstanding performance. She dressed up as a police officer in Kannada movie No. 1. Also, she has done a role in Tamil movie ‘Anbulla Kadhalukku’.

Bhavana’s career took a turn for the good for a brief while. In due course, her movies flopped. But still, Bhavana was noted for her soulful performances. Bhavana Ramanna got a chance to act in Chandramukhi Pranasakhi by a debutant director. The movie failed in the box-office. But movie critics lauded her role in the movie. The Kannada industry recognized Bhavana as a good actress. Bhavana Ramanna’s role in movie Deeveri won her an award. Bhavana did a role in Bollywood movie ‘Family’ in which Bollywood superstar made an appearance.

Bhavana was titled the best actress for her role in Bhagirathi. Rediff conducted a survey which put Bhavana on the list of Top Ten Actors in Kannada Film Industry. Bhavana was recognized as the best supporting actress for her role in the Kannada movie Nee Mudida Mallige. Also, she won the title of best Kannada actress for the role in Kshama.