Aradhana Gupta Kannada Actress

Aradhana Gupta is a new face in Indian Cinema, and she is about 27 years of age. She was born in the city of Gorakpur which lies in the state of Uttar Pradesh. She later moved to Mumbai where she was brought up and raised. She pursued a course in Mass Communication. She is a very talented personality because she is not just skilled in acting but has also acquired professional training at various dances like Ballet, Kathak, and belly-dancing. 

Aradhana started her career initially by modeling. She very soon thought of trying her luck in the arena of acting. To fulfill her aspirations she auditioned for various roles and it was during these auditions when she met Ram Gopal Verma. She grabbed his attention and became his first choice for a role that Ram Gopal Verma felt she was perfect for. This role was for a movie named Naanthanda. This movie was a remake of Satya 2. This sequel of 1998 Satya saw her essaying the role of the hero's friend who aspired to become an actor. She also has a glamorous and sizzling item number to her name which was titled "Special". This song turned a lot of eyes and attention towards Aradhana  Gupta. 

Aradhana is a very different person from what she plays on screen. She claims herself to be a very conservative and shy girl in real life. She was a little disappointed over the fact that she was not taken seriously in her debut movie and confesses that she wants to do some serious and convincing roles in future. She wants to show off her acting skills and will be selective in signing more films. Aradhana also confesses that she is very fascinated by the Tamil Film Industry and finds it to be rather strong and realistic.