Thandav Hassan is a young actor. He is widely known for his role in “ Krishna Rukmini Krishna Rukmini is a drama series which got aired >> Read More... Krishna Rukmini ”. Krishna Rukmini is a Kannada TV serial. He played the lead role in it. The show aired on Suvarna TV on May 2nd, 2011. Thandav acted in the Kannada movie “ Mareyalare TV9 Kannada is a favorite 24 hour Kannada news cha >> Read More... Mareyalare ”. “Sharat Khadri” directed the “flick”. Thandav Hassan has made his career from scratch. His family has no background in the entertainment industry. It was hard for him to persuade his parents into letting him follow his dream. Thandav is passionate about bodybuilding. He is a health freak. He is a frequent traveler too. He traveled a lot after leaving drama institute. As a youngster, he participated in many college and district level competitions. He is diligent about working out. His parents were not supportive about gymming since they believed that it would adversely affect his health.

They also thought that he might become obese when he stops working out. They wanted him to work for the government. His parents wanted him to study computers. He was sent to Mysore to study computers. He didn't join a computer institute there. He went to the theater institute “Rangayana” in Mysore. C Basavalingaiah was his trainer. He acted in several plays in the institutes. He learned a great deal from the senior artists. He started exploring after getting out of the institute. He was so engrossed in drama and traveling that he didn't visit his parents for a long time. He, along with his friends, acted in a number of plays. Kannada TV Serial Director Ravi Garani gave him a chance to play the lead role in Krishna Rukmini. The show ended after completing 250 episodes.

After that Thandav acted in “ Balu Aparoopa Nam Jodi Balu Aparoopa Nam Jodi, this is the name of a TV s >> Read More... Balu Aparoopa Nam Jodi ”. He appeared for a screen test for the movie “Mareyelare”. His screen test for the movie lasted for nearly an hour. After a few days, he had got the role in the movie. Mareyalare is a romantic love story. The premiere of the movie was on February 26, 2016. Actress ‘Sadhu Kokikla’ played the role of his lover in the movie. The movie didn't do well at the box office. He feels sad to have lied to his parents about his whereabouts. He feels he restricted himself from sharing his true passions with his disapproving family. At the end of the day, he says what really matters is the output of the effort put in by the people. He feels glad to have rebelled since at least it helped him achieve his dream career.

C H Lokanath Kannada Actor

C H Lokanath

C. H. Lokanath is a veteran stage and film actor who predominantly kept his association with the Karnataka region. For his love for acting, he has appeared in a 1000 plays and even made an appearance in over 650 movies. The actor was even associated with a very popular TV serial, ‘Malgudi Days’, which was directed by Shankar Nag on Delhi Doordarshan. For his long association with film and stage creativity, people in the industry fondly have called him ‘Uncle Loknath’. A Doyen of the Karnataka film and theater field, the actor is best known for playing roles of ‘Galileo’ and even ‘Ghost‘. Later, since 1970, he became extremely busy with the cine film doing various character roles, including a cobbler role in a recent film. To get into the skin of a cobbler role, the actor used to watch a cobbler sitting in front of his house near the bus stand, and he proceeded to emulate his body language in a Kannada film, ‘Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu‘. The actor has also played both significant and insignificant roles, but is known as one of the versatile actors in the Kannada film industry. It is difficult to count the best roles that he played in the film industry, but it is almost certain that nobody can deny his long association with filmmaker G.V. Iyer who taught him the basic requisite needed for an actor before the camera. When he made his debut in acting, it was undoubtedly a field in which old-aged concepts of family sentiments did make his path detrimental to the interest of family members. But his slow progress and vast courage, discipline and total support of film fraternity, encouraged him to win a recognition for which his family members are proud today. The actor gets so much engrossment to act that even a mild chest pain did not deter him from leaving the stage. With more dedication and honesty, the actor has reached a zenith in his career, and has a hope that he would die one day while performing on stage. The actor was born on 14 August, 1927, in Karnataka, and made the state name proud by his dedication to theater and films.


Huccha Venkat

Venkataram Laxman is popularly known as Huccha Venkat. He is a talented Indian film actor, director, producer, screenwriter, playback singer and as well as a lyricist. Extremely talented Huccha Venkat is famous in Kannada cinema. Huccha Venkat was born on 19 September in Karnataka in a Kannada speaking family. He pursued Diploma in Civil Engineering but failed to complete it. He married to her girlfriend Reshma but parted after three years. Venkat started his acting career in a debut, playing a supporting role in a Kannada-film named “Mental Manja” in 2005. He came up with his next movie in 2009 as lead-actor cum director named as “Swathanthra Palya”. Venkat was seen as a guest in many television shows such as Divided and Bengaluru Benne Dose. He participated in reality TV shows such as Bigg Boss3, which aired on Colors Kannada channel. Later, he was evicted from the show due his clashing with other contestants. He was one of the famous contestants in the show as said by other contestants. He is also known as You-Tube Star and Ban Star in Kannada Cinema. He also created an Android app Huccha Venkat to get latest updates of favorite actors. Venkat started his singing career with Yograj Bhatt’s movie by singing a song named Huttida Ooranu. Kannada film industry applauded this song. Venkat filmography started in the year 2003 titled as Venkat. Then, he was seen playing a supporting role Mental Manja in 2005. His next movies were Huccha Venkat released in the year 2014.He did playback singing in 2016 for the movie named Parapancha. In 2016, other movies which released were Dictator, Porki Huccha Venkat. He also works for the upliftment of the poor and needy. Besides all these, he is seen in many controversies. He has always been in the news for his controversies or his achievements. Venkat also said that one day he will become the “Prime Minister of India”.

Huccha Venkat Kannada Actor