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Kannada Movie Actor Saurav Lokesh
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Sauravlokesh was more popularly known by his stage names Bajarangiloki which is taken after his movie Bajarangi. He is an Indian actor who works predominantly in the Sandalwood industry and is best known for his roles in the films Bajarangi (2013), Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari (2014) Rathaavara (2015) and Jai Maruthi 800 (2016).

He is now considered as one of the most attractive antagonists. Saurav Lokesh did his PU in PES college after which he did his degree in National College, Jayanagar. During his college days, he wasn’t interested in acting but used to take part in many sports in which he was extremely good at and had also represented his college many times.

Loki was also a NCC cadet and took part in Republic Day celebrations. After his college studies , he started taking part in theatre plays. He would do whatever work possible for the theatre plays like taking small roles or set works or costumes etc.

He had also worked for a company but however, he didn’t have any interest and so, he left his job after half a year. His family wasn’t keen on his acting career and there were instances where he had had to act in secret . It was after watching Loki in one of these plays that Director Harsha introduced him as an antagonist in the movie Bajarangi .

The movie was his ticket to stardom as his popularity skyrocketed and he instantly become a hit. Another memorable role played by Sauravlokesh is ‘Madevi’ who is a transgender in the movie ‘Rathaavara’. It took the actor a few days to accept the role since the proper portrayal of a transgender was a very sensitive role.

Sauravlokesh watched a lot of movies and made sure to observe transgenders and their mannerisms where ever he could which also includes the brief time at the traffic signals where they would often beg for alms. Needless to SauravLokesh breathed life into his character and gave an exceptional and powerful performance that it was later dubbed in Telugu as ‘Rathaavaram’.

In 2017, he was nominated for the best villain as Raaj Vishnu for the movie bhujanga . He had acted in many plays before his movie career, his most recent one being SaanjeHaadu which was written and directed by RajendraKaranth which was played at Rangashankara on 6th June in Bangalore. Sauravlokesh has also acted in the short film Marethenendukondeya

. He has a strict diet regiment to maintain his body and stamina. Along with dancing, he also goes regularly to the gym but also suggests that a healthy diet is a key to a healthy lifestyle. Loki makes sure to gym every morning and makes sure to never miss even a single session.

Due to his soft-spoken nature, he was not chosen to play a part of a villain however that all changed when he was cast for the antagonist role in Bhajarangi. Sauravlokesh now says that he finds it exciting and is truly grateful for playing villain roles as it gives him a much larger area to experiment his acting skills since no two villains are the same.

He was part of the Karnataka bulldozers for the CCL T10 match. Karnataka bulldozer had a practice match against IT team and won all three matches. They were awarded medals and winner cup for winning. He has also had a chance to meet his childhood hero, Chiranjeevi. Sauravlokesh has said that he does not have a particular dream role however his dream is to do many different types of roles in different angles.


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