Loknath Kannada Actor
  • DOB : 1929

Loknath is a veteran Kannada actor who is also known by his another name ’uncle Loknath’ in the industry had earlier participated in many theater and stage plays too. He worked with B V Karanth, the doyen of Kannada theater in plays like Ghost and Oedipus.

Theatre audiences still remember him for playing the role of Othello on stage even. That is his charismatic image he had left in the theater world for theater buffs. Even for moviegoers, his roles in films like Nagarahavu as a principal or even as a cobbler in Bhutayyana Maga Ayyu. Having noticed in small roles, he appeared in over 650 films and acted in more than 100 plays. From an insignificant role of a cobbler or a principal, he landed up doing some character roles.

He appeared in father role that remains an immortal character in the Kannada cinema. Some of the prominent fatherly roles he appeared include films like Hosa Neeru, Bili Hendti, Bhagya Jyothi, and Katha Sangama Click to look into! >> Read More... Katha Sangama . The actor’s first film offer was Samskara directed by Pattabhirama Reddy; later he evolved as an actor with the backing of a full script in the film Gejje Pooje directed by Kanagal. He also appeared in some episodes of actor-director Shankar Nag's television serial Malgudi Days Click to look into! >> Read More... Malgudi Days , based on R K Narayan's novel.

The familiar face of Kannada cinema discontinued acting in dramas because as his age crept in and he was losing the power of memory in speaking dialogues. He had many ups and downs in his health issues like a mild heart attack, few accidents in the sets of shooting, but that did not put behind the actor on reaching his goal in a career.

After 2012, he almost quit acting and leads a non-hectic life. He is 86-years old now almost leading a retired life away from light, action and camera.