Bank Janardhan is an Indian actor in Kannada film industry and plays comedian roles mostly. He was born in Holalkere ( Banglore ). Before joining the film industry, he worked in a Canara Bank in his hometown. His star sign is Capricorn. Bank Janardhan is famous for his comedy roles. He started his film career from movie Ajagajanthara (1991). He also acted in the T.V. serial Papa Pandu (ETV). Janardhan mostly plays supporting roles. His role as a father in Tharle Nan Maga is very popular. He has also acted in movies like News, Shhh!(Horror) Etc. In comedy roles, he uses his permanent tonsured (partially bald) head as a comedy source by rubbing it by hand, its funny. Guruprasad is the son of Bank Janardhan. He has chosen the direction line after a study of one year. He is the director of ‘Agni Musti’.

He has also acted in the TV serials like Mangalya – Udaya TV, Jokali Udaya TV, and Robo Family ETV Kannada. His combined roles with Jaggesh, Tennis Krishna Tennis Krishna was born on 15th November 1949 near >> Read More... Tennis Krishna , and Doddanna are also very popular. He has worked in various movies. He was recently seen in the movies Mane tumba bari Jamba (2015), Uppi 2 ( August 2015), Upendra 2 and Vyuha at the end of 2015. Like Tennis Krishna and Jaggesh Tollywood knows the acting of Janardhan as a very famous comedy actor. His acting as a stingy father in Tharle Nan Maga is fabulous (as Parandamaiah Urbagal). Tharle nan maga was released in 1992 (Directed by Upendra). His latest upcoming movie is Engagement. This movie is directed by Nanjundi S P. Expected date of initial release is November 2018. It is a Romance genre movie in which Prashanth is chosen as the main lead. Maybe this time, also we see some comedy and romance with Bank Janardhan.