Aravind Kuplikar is an Indian stage actor turned film actor who appeared in movie “ Idolle Ramayana,” before which he was a theater artist who has appeared in a series of Kannada plays. This actor has followed the example of many Kannada actors who had come from the stage and did shine in movies too. For instance, Dhananjaya, Chetan Kumar, Lokesh, Devaraj, and so on.

Aravind Kuplikar is a noted theater artist in Karnataka and is the discovery of veteran actor Prakash Raj. Both of them came face to face on the sets of Kannada movie ‘ Oggarane’ when Aravind Kuplikar was assisting Prakash Raj for this movie which Prakash Raj has directed in Kannada and Telugu version too. Since, Aravind was a stage actor he wanted to experience the difference in acting on stage and screen and that is why Aravind made a debut as an actor in Prakash Raj’s upcoming movie “Idolle Ramayana”.

In this movie, Aravind played a supporting role with Prakash Raj and Priya Mani, played the lead roles. For another upcoming movie, ‘Choori Katte', Aravind will be writing the screenplay along with Raghu Shivamogga and Kailash TV which will be produced by S Nayazuddin.

This actor is an example of a very few actors who started as a stage actor but is better known for being Prakash Raj’s new promising face in “Idolle Ramayana”. Clearly, this kind of actor is an example who leads to a conclusion that the acting skills learned in the theatre can translate to film.