DJ Rohit is a Disc Jockey (DJ) from Karnataka. He predominantly works in the Kannada music industry. He is an essential element and ingredient of the party circuits in South India, and he has been in the business for more than five years now. Not only is his party circuit limited to the club he performed in or his state, but he can also be seen doing numerous dance parties, launch parties of various A-list products, fashion shows, wedding parties, commercial events, and so on.

The popularity of his music and remixes is common amongst the crowd of Karnataka, especially in Bangalore. He has tried his hand in almost all genres of music. According to him, his knowledge in sound and music mixing helps him to try all genres. DJ Rohit also works in various night lounges and clubs, but he can mainly be found in Amer Discotheque. His music style is not defined by one genre alone; he has a wide range and variety of song forms such as Bollywood, tribal, trance, old school, bootlegged, hip hop, progressive, and RnB. DJ Rohit’s major skills lie in CD-remixing; hence, his collection of work is phenomenal.

But he does not only rely on premixing for his shows; his live mixing skills are also appreciated. With the perfect use of the turntable emulator, he manages to churn out the perfect scratches. In his words, a DJ is the captain of the ship, and the charge of the crowd lies in his hands. He uses the latest and the most trending songs to make mixes for his parties. Furthermore, he gives mixing classes on YouTube to help aspiring DJs learn the art. According to DJ Rohit, the art of mixing for a good party mainly depends on the connection and rapport with the crowd and the DJ.

He said, the DJ should access the mood of the audience and viewers, whereas, the crowd should understand and go with the flow of the music given by the DJ. Just like any other DJs, getting in this profession was initially difficult for DJ Rohit. Hence, he believes in doing his best in this field since this line of work also has expiration for every DJ. So he always assures that he can give his crowd an unforgettable experience every time they dance to his mixes.

Dj Ravi Kannada Actor

Dj Ravi

DJ Ravi Drums is a popular drummer and a disc jockey known for performing in many parties and events. His real name is Ravi Jakhotia. A New York native, Ravi is of Indian descent. He was first discovered by the famous Howie Mandel while he was performing at a football game. Together Drums and Mandel joined together to make a television series called "Howie Do It" for which Drums had composed the music. After that he made history by becoming the first Indian-American musician for an American television show. At the young age of 18, he started his career as a DJ in many corporate parties, pool parties, weddings etc. The well known American band, "Crimson Glory" was the first official band Ravi was a part of. In 1991, he replaced Dana Burnell, who was perviously a drummer in the band. After, Midnight, who was the lead vocalist of the band, quit the team the left members got back together and shifted to Arizona and changed their band’s name to “Crush”. They released an album later that year. They further changed their name to “Erotic Liquid Culture”. In 1996, another album was released by them, which was produced by Quadra Records. In the reality show "Dog Eat Dog," Ravi participated in the fifth episode as a competitor, in 2002. Though his team did not win the game, they won a whooping cash prize of twenty five thousand dollars. DJ Ravi simultaneously worked for another band which recorded "Poison Kiss" and it was created by “The Last Goodnight” in 2007. On the Independence Day of India in 2009, he performed in a competition held in Goa. He won the hearts of the audiences who really enjoyed his DJ-ing skills and made everyone groove to his tunes and as a result he won the place of a runner up. In the same year he performed in the Academy Awards. Impressed by his skills and the tremendous achievements in his life through his work, the jury members of the People's Choice Awards honored him with an award titled “Best Drummer/DJ” in 2010. His best specialty is that he mixes old time songs with newer hits and makes people of any age get on the floor to show off their dance moves. The reason for his success is without a doubt his passion for what he does and his hard work. Even to this date, he practices a lot of work before he puts it to action. One of the strangest yet unpredictable achievements of Ravi was his work with the NASA. He created his signature instrument along with some NASA members which could make his work easier. To put it in simple words, he could play all the songs for his parties and events from just a single touch on a glass piece. Paula Abdul who is a popular host liked his idea and helped him to make it into a reality. He also happens to have a unique DJ set which, with the help of technology can function on its own without any manual help. He has worked with/for many popular legends like Britney Spears, Oprah, Pitbull, events like the Super Bowl, Oscars and many other numerous performances across the globe.