CN Venkatachala, a name which the industry will remember for his vision, passion, and undying spirit. Born and brought up in the beautiful city of Bangalore, he was married to Chitkala Venkatachala. He had two daughters and was a loving father. Also known as Vchala in the film fraternity, he was a man who loved to experiment and believed that only and only experimental cinema can take the industry to new heights. Vchala worked in theatre for more than ten years before making his debut as a director in the cinema.

He wrote more than 70 scripts and had won various awards for his contribution to the theatre productions. He had also acted in a few plays. We come across fewer men who understand the art beyond the barrier of language and for whom language is not a hurdle for appreciating art. Venkatachala believed that art and cinema have no language. He was a movie buff and would never miss a chance to watch a film be it in any language.

He was also fascinated by the impact a film leaves on its audience and how a script would be interpreted in various ways by the different set of people. Vchala was not only passionate about directing but was also multi-talented. He had a keen interest in writing screenplays script and stories. Before making his debut with “Chitramandiradalli,” he had also directed many documentaries. His debut film did not do well commercially, but his work as a director was applauded by many. They say life is short, and we should seize each day and live it to the fullest. CN Venkatachala always followed his heart. His choice of films was bold, courageous and fresh.

Despite his debut film failing to impress the audience, he was not discouraged. He made a comeback with “Biruku” which was released in the 8th International Film Festival of Bangalore. His humble behavior, experience, and vision impressed many. But maybe he was born only to leave many with inspirations. He died on the 17th of April 2016 at Apollo hospital in Bangalore due to an unknown illness.