Kannada Contestant ( 0 - 12 )

Abhijna Bhat


Contestant Is Someone Who Takes Part In A Competition

A Contestant Is Someone Who Takes Part In A Competition, Usually A Professional Competition Or A Game Show On Television. The Participants Competing Against Each Other Have To Go Through Rounds. The Winners May Have To Compete In Later Stages Or Rounds Until There Is Just One Winner. The Purpose Is To Select The Best Out Of All, Contestant Are The People Who Took Part In Some Competition After Giving Auditions Or Selected Accordingly.

Their Are Different Competitions Like Bigg Boss, Beauty Pageants For Which Different Contestants Participates And Fight For The Crown Or The Trophy. It Is All Depend On The Survival And The Completion Of Tasks. Participation In Such Contests Not Only Give You Price But Also Make You Popular Which Leads You To Next Part Of Your Success.

The Contestants Should Be Physically Fit, Good In Public Speaking, Should Have Good And Bold Personality, Should Entertain The Audience So That They Can Win A Particular Show.