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Kannada Child Artist Aishwarya Upendra
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Aishwarya Upendra is a Kannada child artist. She featured in Devaki, directed by Lohith H Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . The real-life mother-daughter duo, also portrayed the same roles on screen. Priyanka Upendra Priyanka Trivedi is an Indian based actress who ha >> Read More... and Aishwarya as mother and daughter starred in the film. Its teaser was launched by Upendra, Aishwarya's father. The story revolves around Aishwarya, who was playing a pivotal role in the movie. Aishwarya's character's name was Aaradya, the soul of Devaki.

City Express got a glimpse at the first look of her, disclosed by Parul Yadav. The director praised the child a lot. Lohith, on seeing her acting skills, believed that she had taken signs from her star parents. He observed that Aishwarya was dedicated to her age. He said that most of her shots were during the night, but Aishwarya didn't find it hard to stay awake. He said that the little girl always noticed the details and used to ask questions on particular scenes. Devaki was aiming for a midsummer release. Aishwarya was very sensitive and did not like to see films where her parents were hurt or injured.

Priyanka Upendra did a movie, Mummy, directed by Lohith. She told that the makers of Mummy had approached them for casting Aishwarya in Mummy, but she was very young at that time. Priyanka stated that around the release of Mummy, after seeing so much of madness, Aishwarya herself told her that she wanted to explore acting, hearing to which Priyanka kept in her mind if she could get a proper film for her.

Her parents never pressurized her; she was allowed to choose her paths. After all this, Priyanka was approached for Howrah Bridge, again for Aishwarya. It had a good role for Aishwarya. She was seen with her mother in Howrah Bridge, a Kannada- bilingual Tamil movie, directed by Lohith. Since the broadcast was based on Kolkata, even her mother was less tensed as she could rely on her mother for extra help.


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