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Kannada Actor Jagannath Chandrasekhar
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Jagannath Chandrasekhar is an eminent personality with an astonishing history in the India Film Industry. He is a well-known actor in the Kannada Entertainment Industry due to his impeccable talent. His notable works include Seetha Vallabha Seetha Vallabha is a cute and fresh love story in >> Read More... (2018), Jhoosh(2009), and Bigg Boss Kannada (2013).

He was born and brought-up in the country India by his Hindu parents only in the former country. Also, he and his parents both practice Hindu religion from a long time. Talking about his educational qualifications, he finished his schooling at one of the proximate prestigious schools in his town and later went to the University for his further higher studies.

After being done with his studies, he entered the world of movies and serials due to his vast interest in acting and modeling. Therefore, he commenced his journey in the Industry with the motive of building his career in this field. Afterwards, he made his debut through the show named, Jhoosh in 2009, which was also broadcasted on the MX Player.

This show received enormous recognition and was tremendously loved by the audience. In addition, it showered Jagga with immense fame and love from his fans all across the country and helped him in earning his name in the industry. He grabbed quite an acknowledgement after his debut in this world, which assisted him in landing other projects in the Industry. Moreover, he got the golden opportunity to host a famous Kannada Dance reality show, ‘Dancing Star 3’ in 2016.

This show provided him with abundant popularity from people all around the world. Moreover, his personality was much admired by viewers, which helped him build a fan following of people from every corner of the Industry. Additionally, he was spotted in a famous Kannada Television serial ‘ Gandhari Gandhari is a drama show which came on the channel >> Read More... ’ playing a vital role besides the female lead Kavya Gowda Kavya Gowda is an Indian actress, model-based out >> Read More... . This show was a supernova and bagged him colossal admiration from his viewers, because of his exceptional acting in the serial. It motivated him to move ahead in his career and gave him numerous opportunities in the Industry.

The major twist in his career came when he was seen in the most controversial reality show “ Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Bigg Boss Kannada is the Kannada version of the re >> Read More... .” This show was aired on Color Kannada Television, with a few popular contestants, such as Jaya Srinivasan Jaya Srinivasan is a numerologist by profession. H >> Read More... , Dayal Padmanabhan Dayal Padmanabhan is a Kannada movie director, who >> Read More... , Niveditha Gowda Niveditha Gowda is a model by profession. She is a >> Read More... , Sihi Kahi Chandru  Sihi Kahi Chandru is a noted artist in Kannada fi >> Read More... , and Anupama Gowda Anupama Gowda is a Kannada actress and is one of t >> Read More... . Speaking about his personal life, he is not married yet and has been working diligentlty in this industry for a very long time.


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