Satram Rohra

Other names of Satram Rohra: Satram Rohara

Satram Rohra, born on 16th of June in 1939, is an Indian singer and film director. He was born at Sukkur, Sind, which during partition got separated from India and became a part of newly born Pakistan. He is known as one of the successful directors who has directed many Hindi films as well as Sindhi movies. He is a very renowned stage artist and likes to sing Sindhi folk (Soofi Kalam) songs and comic songs. He is known for keeping audience hypnotic to his songs for hours. He together with Bhagwanti Navani, a famous singer, sing under the banner Kalakaar Mandal. One of the biggest corporate house in the music industry, TIPS has released three cassettes of his Sindhi songs. Another company in the same field, HMV has also released his song on 78-mm records and LP’s. Satram has also sung for many movies. His debut as a playback singer was for the movie Jhulelal, which was released in 1964. He sang the song Tin Khe Sha Sagar Borindoo. People and critics loved his singing. Soon in 1960, he produced his first movie, Ghar Ki Laaj.

The film was in the black and white era and was loved by the public. One of the famous and known star Feroz Khan Feroz Khan is a legendary Indian film actor, edito >> Read More... Feroz Khan starred in the movie, along with Kumkum and Sohrab Modi Sohrab Merwanji Modi was born into a Persian famil >> Read More... Sohrab Modi . Soon, in 1966, he produced Shera Daku. After Shera Daku, he produced his third film Rocky Mera Naam in 1973. Mumtaz Begam, Sanjeev Kumar Sanjeev Kumar was born on July 9th, 1938 in Mumbai >> Read More... Sanjeev Kumar and Bela Bose Bela Bose was a productive dancer and star in Hind >> Read More... Bela Bose were in the lead roles in Rocky Mera Naam. But these were nothing in comparison to his next super-hit production, Jai Santoshi Maa. Jai Santoshi Maa was appraised not just by critics, but also by common people. It received huge success and response from public. This movie even equalled one of the biggest blockbuster Sholay’s record collection. Satram was also the first to the first Sindhi film in colour Hal Ta Bajhi Haloon in 1984. This was another super hit among Sindhi community people, and Satram sang three songs for the movie as well. Aayo Behen Waro, Pahiryon Pyar and Khel Tamasho were the songs sung by Satram in Hal Ta Bajhu Haloon. He produced many films after this. Some of them are Nawab Sahib and Kaaran.

He also produced Jai Kaali in 1992, which was also a hit. This movie was stuck for some years in post-production and finally got released in 1992. Jeetendra and Hema Malni were in lead roles in this film. Satram Rohra is also known as quite like an ambassador to Sindhi community. He has travelled across India and abroad as well, in connection with Sindhi community programmes.