Jag Mundhara was born on 29 October 1948 and died on September 4, 2011. He was from Nagpur and he was a remarkable film director. He has made many movies related to social issues and he has also made many horror and thriller films and his films were the best known. He has made astounding films like Provoked and Bawandar which are related to social issues.

His film Bawandar is related to a Rajasthani girl named Bhanwari Devi Bhanwari Devi is a traditional folk singer from Ra >> Read More... Bhanwari Devi who got raped and she received funds from a politician and businessman who used to celebrate Rakhi festival with her. When he started his career, he earned popularity as an American film director and writer. He has made amazing and worth watching films which were appreciated by the audience; he has made The Jigsaw Murder-1998, Night Eyes-1990, L.A. goddess-1993, Halloween Night-1998, The other woman-1994, Sexual Malice-1994, Tales Of Kama Sutra; The Perfumed Garden and Tales of Kama Sutra 2: Monsoon-2001.

He was born in Nagpur, but he was brought up in Marwari locality in Calcutta. His family is very conservative who did not like these films. His grandmother was very stringent and she did not like Jag watch movies she only allowed him to watch certain mythological films. Then he studied at IIT Bombay and there he got more exposure; he learnt a lot of things there and he also got a chance to move to the entertainment industry. During the time he was studying in IIT Bombay, he improved his English as well and he became fluent in English language. After that, he opted for MS in Electrical Engineering in Michigan, but he couldn’t resist it and later moved to Marketing just after a semester.

When he stepped into marketing he did a comparative study of Marketing in Hollywood film industry and Bollywood film industry. After studying there, he returned to India and entered into Bollywood to learn more about the industry. He then moved for further studies and completed his PhD and studied a lot of things. For one year he stepped into the teaching profession and taught the students for one year at California State University, because of which he became closer to the Hollywood Film Industry. Later he wanted to pursue his dream in a full-fledged manner; he left the job and decided to focus on one thing only, so he decided to become a filmmaker. The film Surrag was the first work he did which was later followed by a lot of erotic movies.