Anil Ravipudi Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 23-11-1982
  • Age : 40
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Anil Ravipudi is a director and a screenwriter for many Indian films. He mostly works in Telugu film industry. His first film as a director was released in the year 2015 titled Pataas. He also worked as a dialogue screen writer for many films like Masala, Sankham, Kandireega and Souryam and many others.

He completed his BTech engineering in 2005, after which he worked as assistant director. He worked with Arun Prasad Arun Prasad is an Indian Film and Television Actor >> Read More... Arun Prasad , who was his uncle and a successful film director. Along with his assistance to the director he also found his skills in dialogue writing.

He worked as a writer for movies like Kandireega, which was released in 2011, Sankham, which was released in 2009 and Masala, which was released in 2013. He also worked with Srinivas Santosh in his latest movie Kandireega in the year 2011 for which he was the director. He also wrote the movie script for the film Pataas, which was released in 2015.

He also got contact with Kalyan Ram with the help of a friend. Then he offered his script to the actor who accepted it as he liked it so much. Then they started working for the movie. He also told to the people in an interview that the story follows like the story of the movie Singham, which was released in the year 2010 with the tinge of Andhra feeling and the whole movie hangs about a corrupt police officer who changes himself and his outlook for a particular critical reason.

The film was a great hit and changed the image of the actor among the Telugu audience. He also told the people that they had finished shooting the film in just 70 days. Even all the crew was so amazed and satisfied with the director as he knew all the dialogues of each and every character by heart and this made the shooting so easily possible.