Ajit Dalvi is a Marathi writer, who started his career in Chandrakant Kulkarni Chandrakant Kulkarni is a Marathi actor, director >> Read More... Chandrakant Kulkarni ’s ‘Bindhaast’ in the year 1999, along with his brother Prashant Dalvi. The duo won the Best Screenplay and Best Dialogue Awards at the Maharashtra State Film Awards in the year 2000 for his brilliant work in the film. Since then, they have worked with Kulkarni in almost all their films.

Ajit and Prashant were a writer-duo, who predominantly worked in Marathi cinema. Ajit was born in Murud Janjira and studied in Mumbai in his initial years. His family shifted to Aurangabad, where he studied in college. He obtained a degree in MA in Political Science and subsequently became a professor in the same college that spanned for over 40 years. He started writing plays since 1980. He penned ‘Doctor Tumhi Suddha’ in 1990, following with ‘Gandhi Viruddh Gandhi’ in 1995 - 1996, which was translated into several languages.

Back in his early days, Ajit and his brother used to be social activists and theatre practitioners. Their social inclinations started because of their father, M. Y. Dalvi, a well-known journalist and socialist, from where they formed intellectual contemplation at a very young age. During the 70’s, Ajit was involved in a youth movement called “Yuvak Karanti Dal” and in 1978, he started working in theatres.

Ajit lives in Aurangabad while Prashant dwells in Mumbai. Because of their distance, they penned plays individually and come together when working on films. He penned his very first full-length play entitled ‘Muktidham’, to oppose on the hypocrisy of the government. Since then, he started writing continuously for his theater group called “ Parivartan Parivartan was a Zee TV daily TV show. It was a Hi >> Read More... Parivartan ”. He and Prashant were chosen in Playwright’s Workshop by the Ford Foundation. He wrote a play, which was enacted and helmed by Dr. Shriram Lagu in 1985, and since then, he formally started writing regularly.

Ajit never had a formal training or education in screenwriting. He wrote through his experiences and observations only, and with the help of the books he read. The Dalvi brothers penned the screenplay and story of the Marathi film, Tukaram in 2012. This film is a biopic about the life of Saint Tukaram. In 2013, they worked in the Marathi drama film, Aajcha Divas Majha. Prior to this, he also penned the dialogues in the Hindi film, Meerabai Not Out Click to look into! >> Read More... Meerabai Not Out in 2008. In 2014, they penned the fictional-biopic film, Dusari Goshta, which is also helmed by Chandrakant Kulkarni.