Shagufta Rafique is one of the successful and upcoming screenwriters in Bollywood. She joined hands with Mahesh Bhatt Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt created a niche for himself >> Read More... Mahesh Bhatt and she got introduced into this industry through him. She took care of the screenplay and the dialogues department for some of the blockbuster movies such as Aashiqui 2, Murder 2, Jannat 2, Jism 2, etc. She started her career in the year 2007 with the film 'Woh Lamhe’. She has also written the story for a Telugu film, namely 'Nee Jathaga Nenundali’, which happens to be the Telugu version of Aashiqui 2. Rafique has worked in almost eleven films directed by Mahesh Bhatt. He always credits her work and he also feels that all her works are live and realistic. He also says that Rafique's script is always a reflection of her life.

Shagufta, a successful person now, once had a very bad living. The poverty and the livelihood forced her into making an income in a dejected way. Shagufta was a bar dancer at the age of eleven. To make the survival and to take care of her mother, she got into that field. At the age of seventeen, she was into prostitution as well. Again she became a bar dancer. In spite of all these tragedies, she found her love for writing. She used to take her writings to many serial and film directors for an opportunity. Luck favoured her in the year 2000 when she met the ace director Mahesh Bhatt. She utilized each of her opportunity wisely and she dedicated herself completely to the art of writing.

Shagufta's filmography is common in one fact- all the movies were centered on the hero. Shagufta is planning to get into the field of direction with an action and thriller movie. She is focused on making a film with a woman as the lead protagonist. She is also planning to choose Emraan Hashmi Emraan Hashmi is one of the most successful & cont >> Read More... Emraan Hashmi as her hero. She is strong in the point that she will surely work for Mahesh Bhatt's films at any stage of her career.