Raju Odedra is a screenwriter, who has given the television industry numerable hits. The writer is known for his comic timing through his screenplay and for his hysterical satires. Raju began his career as a writer in the Indian television industry and has managed to give blockbuster sitcoms like ‘ Tarak Mehta Ka oolta chashma ‘ Raju, with his partner Rajan Upadhyay has managed to produce the finest comedy show in the country with this drama serial. Raju, has managed to grasp the attention of the Indian audience for all these years trough his exceptional fictional comic writing. A major highlight of his career is the fact that he has been awarded ‘’ Best Comedy/Sitcom writer’’ from the Indian Telly Awards, in the year 2010 and he was also nominated for the star guild awards. This show may have been the shining remarkable era of his career, but, there are other important aspects about this phenomenal writer.

Raju, along with his writing partner Rajan holds the record of writing 1200 successful episodes of a popular television show called ‘’ Silly Lalli ‘’ down south. Raju has managed to gain popularity with his writing through other successful sitcoms such as ‘’Hum Saath Aatha hain’’, ‘’ Gulli danda’’, ‘’Funny family.com’’, for the Indian television domain and has also managed to rope hit shows in the regional sector. With shows like ‘’Pa Pa panu’’, (kannad comedy) and ‘’Diyar dhamal toh bhabhi kamal’’, for Guajarati television, he retained his streak of popular shows. Raju Odedra is a writer who has managed to grow in terms of his work, not only is he a recgnised name in the television industry in Mumbai but also across other regions. The magical comic moments that he has managed to create through his writing skill, will remain in the memory of the audience forever.