Victor Banerjee

Other names of Victor Banerjee: Victor Bannerji, Partho Sarathi Banerjee
Victor Banerjee Hindi Actor
Victor Banerjee was born 15 October 1946 in Calcutta, India, belongs to a Zamindar family of Kolkata and got his initial education from Kolkata and higher education from Dublin.
He  is an Indian actor of Bengali descent and worked in various Hindi, Bengali and English language films. He has also appeared on a number of TV Series.
Firstly recognised by Satyajit Ray Biographies reveal bare details about the maverick >> Read More... Satyajit Ray who knows his work in theatres and offered him to play a part in “The Chess Players” (1977 ) which is about an uneven historical drama about colonial Indian politics. He began his career as a child actor on the Calcutta stage in various theatrical productions. He is best known for his performances in some of the films are “A Passage to India” (1984), “Pikoo’s Day, Home and the World" (1984), “Joggers Park”, (2003) and worked for prominent directors like Jerry London, Shyam Benegal Shyam Benegal is a renowned Indian director and sc >> Read More... Shyam Benegal , Satyajit Ray, Roman Polanski, James Ivory Born on June 7, 1928, James Ivory, full name James >> Read More... James Ivory and David Lean David Lean is a renowned English film editor, scre >> Read More... David Lean . He is a national award winner also in three different categories as a Cinematographer in “Where no journey's end”, Director in “The Splendour of Garhwal and Roopkund” and the Best Supporting actor in Satyajit’s Ray in “Ghare Bairey”.