Manmohan Desai is an Indian film producer and director. He was born on February 26, 1937, in a Gujarati ancestry. His father, Kikubhai Desai, is also a film producer and the owner of the Paramount Studios (now known as Filmalaya). He studied at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. His brother, Subhash Desai is also a producer during the 50s. He was also the one who gave Manmohan a break in the Bollywood industry. Manmohan’s first Hindi film was entitled Chhalia, which stars Raj Kapoor, Rehman, Nutan Pran, and Shobhna Samarth. Later on, he directed Bollywood films like Bluff Master (1963), Dharam Veer (1977), and Desh Premee (1982); all of which were produced by his brother, Subhash Desai.

Under his own production house, he focused mainly in doing stunt films like Circus Queen, Sheikh Challi, and Golden Gang. He earned success after donning action-song-and-dance, as well as family-centered films, which gratifies the tastes of the Indian masses. His films have started a new genre called, Masala. During the 70s until the early 80s, he worked with Amitabh Bachchan in many of his films that turned out be hit films and had helped Bachchan in bagging the “ Superstar” status. The two collaborated in films like Parvarish (1977), Amar Akbar Anthony (1977), Suhaag (1979), Naseeb (1981), DEsh Premee (1982), Coolie (1983), Mard (1985), and Ganga Jamuna Saraswati (1988). Manmohan has worked with popular Indian actors like Jeetendra, Shashi Kapoor, Shatrughan, Randhir Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, and many more.

He has directed a total of 20 films in his 29 years in the film industry, and 13 of it were phenomenal hits. Manmohan has been a fan of Mohd Rafi, a playback singer, who used to croon in most of his movies, together with Kishore Kumar. Some of Rafi’s biggest hit songs are Pardah Hai Pardah and Jani Janardhan. He considered the voice of Rafi as God’s voice. En route to the end of his career, he started to lose his magic when making films and began to lose the support of the audiences. The critics even indicted him for self-parody.

He got married to Jeevanprabha Desai, who died in the year 1979. He got engaged to the late film actress, Nanda, in 1992. He is also the father of Ketan Desai, a film director and the husband of Kanchan Kapoor. Manmohan has produced the films, Allah Rakha (1986) and Toofan (1989); Ketan Desai directed both films. On March 1, 1994, he died due to an accident in Gurgaon. He was popular as the “Miracle man of Bollywood.”

R K Damani Hindi Actor

R K Damani

R K Damani is a billionaire who is told to be among the richest people in the world. The Indian investor was on the Forbes Billionaire list of 2015 and stood at 98th position, which is no small feat. An acute investor who has perfected the craft and earned many profits has become one of the richest man in India. His works are not limited to only in the corporate and business world; he has made his presence felt in the Hindi Film Industry with his productions. The 62-year-old veteran investor started from the very bottom and accomplished heights which one can only imagine. From Tobacco Firms to Cement Industries, his stakes are present in many big and upcoming companies. His growth rate has always been upwards because of his acute decision making and analytical thinking. The Founder and Head of the Hypermarket Chain named D-Mart has been on the rise. DMart has over 110 stores, most of them are recognized and popular among the masses. He started his production venture in the year 2012 when the Hindi movie English Vinglish was released. The plot deals with a housewife who is on a journey to learn English Language since her family belittles her for her lack of linguistic ability in English. The Gauri Shinde movie was a Box-office success both in India and abroad which in turn made R K Damani earn some hefty profits. His production company is named Gutz Feel Film Production. The man known as Mr. White and White did his second film in the year of 2015. The R Balki movie had veteran Amitabh Bachchan and south superstar Dhanush in the lead along with Apsara Hasan who is the daughter of reputed actor and director Kamal Hasan. As hoped and expected the movie didn’t fare well in the theaters and R K Damani faced his first loss in the industry. Damani, a stock picker like ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has overshadowed the latter with his investments. It is also worth noticing that Damani is the mentor and idol of Jhunjhunwala in this field. The duo shares an unusual association as they both are joint partners in the production company Gutz Feel. The Mumbai-born stock market genius has three children. His third film which released in 2016 also didn't compete well at the theaters, but it still garnered some profits for the producer. Ki and Ka starring star kid Arjun Kapoor and established actress Kareena Kapoor was a romantic comedy which talked about the pre-assumed duties of a man and a woman in a household. Although the moral was appreciated, the film bombed. But R K Damani has faced failures previously in his career but has never backed down; rather he has come back stronger than ever.


Ronnie Screwvala

Born in the city of Mumbai to a family of Parsi religion, Rohinton Soli Screwvala is an Indian philanthropist, entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of UTV Group, which included Bloomberg UTV, UTV Software Communications, etc. Since school time Ronnie had an interest in films and theater. He also acted in some skits in Bombay theater like Alyque Padamsee and Pearl. But he did not like working for others, so his stage career ended as he wished to initiate his business. Ronnie started on a small scale in the year 1981. He worked as a cable TV operator in the city Mumbai under the network company. It provided a video channel for three hours to people who lived in the Cuffe Parade area which is the affluent area of Mumbai. The channel became famous, and craze grew among people there. In the year 1990, Ronnie found the UTV group. Just in a fraction of the time, UTV has grown into a huge business. Dil Ke Jharoke Mein was the first film by UTV. Back to back, it produced successful movies, and the company expanded into gaming, broadcasting, films, etc. In the year 2004, came another channel by Ronnie, Hungama. It is the leading children's television channel. It also got marked on the Indian Stock Exchange in the year 2005. In the year 2014, Ronnie owned the Mumbai Kabaddi team named U Mumba of the competition Pro Kabaddi League. In 2014, they were the runner-ups and winners in the year 2015. Ronnie succeeds in whatever he does. Ronnie also stayed as the managing director of The Indian Walt Disney Company. In the January 2016, he took the promotion of the online entertainment content platform Arre. The start-up used to produce and publish audios, videos, doodles, documents, etc. Ronnie even holds a private equity business called the Unilazer Ventures Ltd. Ronnie married Zarina Mehta and lived with her happily in South Mumbai. With Zarina, it has been his second marriage. He has written a book as well titled Dream with your Eyes Open. It has his story and motivates his readers. He also wants to start a TV show just after the release of the book. Screwvala laid the foundation of Heal Aid Restore Educate (SHARE) society which aimed rural development in the state of Maharashtra. His work with Swades Foundation is appreciable, and he received The Philanthropist Award of the year. He is highly determined and loves to work. He wants to launch new projects in the industry year after year.

Ronnie Screwvala Hindi Actor