Rahul Ram is a renowned Indian bass guitarist, music composer and activist. He joined the Indian rock band called the Indian Ocean The Indian Ocean is considered to be the pioneers >> Read More... Indian Ocean in the year 1991. He used to play bass in a rock and roll band during his junior school. He is also a volunteer of Kalpavriksh, an environmental action group. Rahul studied at St. Xavier’s School in Delhi and later attended St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, where he took a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry. He took a Masters Degree in Chemistry at IIT Kanpur. He shifted to the USA and became a scholar (Andrew White) of Cornell University, where he took a Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology. In the year 1988, he got married to Amita Baviskar and got separated in 2001. They only had their divorce in 2012 but remained as friends. He lost his one eye at the age of 11, and this is the reason he is not active in any sports-related things that needed stereoscopic vision. In 1990, to continue his stay in the USA, Rahul attempted to find a job in many big environmental agencies and also applied as a Chemistry teacher in the West Indies’ high school.

But he struggled a lot until he decided to get back to India, with no idea of what to do. A colleague from the Kalpavriksh told him that the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA), who is just starting during that time, is in need of campaign coordinator. Since it works out well with the research that his wife was working on the dam in the Narmada River, he joined the NBA and turned activist from 1990 to 1995. When he returned to Delhi, Susmit Sen Susmit Sen, the lead guitarist, was the co-founder >> Read More... Susmit Sen (co-founder of Indian Ocean), requested him to play bass-guitar in their band. He joined the Indian Ocean, but still continued to play with other bands like the Jaagran band. Later on, the Indian Ocean band had recorded an album that sold over 40,000 copies in just one year. This became the highest-selling record in an Indian band during that time. However, their lives remain the same. In the year 1995, they started picking up gradually and had more shows than the previous years. He also resigned from NBA in 1995 and in the late 90s, things turned to his favor and became better. Indian Ocean’s album entitled Desert Rain earned him new followers and attention from the media.

The band released Kandisa in the year 2000 and started playing abroad in the following year. He bought his very first car in the year 2003. He intended to bring the woodwind instrument called Alto Saxophone to his band and so he went abroad to learn how to play it. Due to his rationality, he became popular as Logic Baba among his group. Rahul is also a prominent music composer and playback singer, who works in the Bollywood film industry. He sang Yaara Maula from the Hindi political drama film, Gulaal, in 2009, along with Asheem (co-member in the Indian Ocean). In 2013, he also sang Dhuaan from Nikhil Advani’s D-Day. He became a judge in the music reality game show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, in the year 2013.