Naresh Kamath is a famous bass guitarist as well as a singer of the film industry in India and even has almost all the qualities of being a vocalist. He was born in Panchgani which is nearby hill station Mahabaleshwar only. He completed his schooling at Saint Peter’s School of Panchgani near Mahabaleshwar hill station. To select music as a profession, Naresh was mostly influenced by his eldest brother, Harish Kamath, though he is not in music, but his brother Paresh Kamath Paresh Kamath works as an actor, music director, s >> Read More... Paresh Kamath is a famous guitarist. When his eldest brother Harish was a child, he used to sing all songs every time they have a party as he was aware of almost all Hindi songs. Naresh Kamath’s school music teacher was the one who taught them about music first time in their schooling days only.

She used to teach them about almost all aspects of music such as choir, harmonies as well as western music also. In his childhood, he along with his brother Paresh Kamath started discovering their songs and used to sing them in their music. Naresh Kamath was a member of his brother, Paresh Kamath’s band ‘Withchammer,’ which was quite famous in Mumbai. He joined ‘Withchammer’ when there was no singer left in their band. Later, he joined another band named as ‘Modus Operandi,’ but Avial was one of the most amazing bands for him, which gave him new heights in his life. He played in a band even but soon, under the guidance of Dinshah Sanjana decided to jazz as well as fusion music; a legendary band named as ‘ Divya Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Divya .’ He even played jazz fusion music with Divya band at International Music Festivals.

Naresh Kamath has sung for a number of bands and has won many prizes all over the world. Rather than singing, Naresh was more interested in playing bass guitar, but he has sung songs for many Hindi Bollywood films such as Jee Le of Luck, Intezaar of Teen Patti Click to look into! >> Read More... Teen Patti , and 10 on 10 of Pyaar Impossible, etc. His inspirations were Lata Mangeshkar Lata Mangeshkar, the veteran playback singer had >> Read More... Lata Mangeshkar ji, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Bhimsen Gururaj Joshi was born on 4th February 192 >> Read More... Bhimsen Joshi , Mohammad Rafi, as well as Kishore Kumar Kishore Kumar is an Indian playback singer, who ha >> Read More... Kishore Kumar , etc. He also learned Beatles in his schooling days. Naresh Kamath’s wife is Sonal Sehgal Sonal Sehgal is an Indian performer who appeared o >> Read More... Sonal Sehgal is a silver screen Indian Actress, who made his debut by ‘ Aashayein Click to look into! >> Read More... Aashayein ’ which was directed by a national award winner Nagesh Kuknoor. He is a part of Kailash Kher’s Band named as ‘Kailasa.’ Naresh Kamath loves to create music by mixing old and a new one music.

Anurag Godbole Hindi Actor

Anurag Godbole

Anurag Godbole is a popular music director in the Film Industry of India. His hometown is in Alibagh, which is a coastal town in Raigad named district (South city of Mumbai), presently in Maharashtra. Current city in which he presently resides is Thane of Maharashtra in India. Anurag Godbole is a passionate music lover, so he decided it to be his profession and also to produce his music. Anurag sing, arrange, compose as well as produce music. He has worked in Marathi along with Hindi film industry too. He can speak Hindi, English as well as the Marathi language also. He has also worked as a supervisor in Genesis Tech Fest of ISA. Anurag has done his schooling from RCF (Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers) School of Kurul in Alibagh, Maharashtra. His junior school as well as senior one, both he has completed in Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers only. He has completed his graduation in the field of Instrumental Engineering from Dr. D. Y. Patil’s Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology of Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra. Anurag has his team, named as ‘Melody Front.’ He has performed lively sometimes along with his team. Struggle resides in everyone’s life as so was in Anurag Godbole’s life too, but his passion and love for music helped him to become a very successful music composer, and so he was able to achieve this platform. Anurag Godbole has a maximum number of audiences as his fans. Anurag Godbole became a music director in October year 2010. He has worked in three Marathi films while completing his education as a music director. Anurag Godbole has worked with so many famous celebrities of film industry such as Composer; Chinmay Hulyalkar, Singer; Javed Ali, Singer; Kirti Killedar as well as Director; Prashant M Gorey and much more. Anurag Godbole has worked in films such as The Strugglers- Amhi Udyache Hero, which is a Marathi film, released in November year 2013 starring Chinmay Mandlekar as a lead star cast, 1982- A Love Marriage was a great hit, Main B. A. Pass Ladka, Selfie, as well as Boy Meets Girl etc. He has also given his music in hit ‘Saawarte,’ which is sung by Anagha Dhomse. Anurag Godbole’s achievement is markable, and he has bagged a maximum number of awards consistently in various competitions like music composing or singing as well. Being a tremendous singer, Anurag became a legend in Marathi Film Industry.


Paresh Kamath

Paresh Kamath works as an actor, music director, singer as well as a guitarist also. He is from Mahabaleshwar. He along with his brother Naresh also composes music. He did his schooling from Saint Peter School of Panchgani, near Mahabaleshwar Hill Station, which was a boarding school in Maharashtra. He is a great music lover that he also loved his music classes during his school days, but this made him the last bencher as he was not good at his academics. At very early age, Paresh understood that he has born to go in the music field. At his childhood only, he started writing songs and was always in love with his music classes. One of his friends Thomas Colaco was having the knowledge to play the piano, so he started to hang out with him to learn more about music. He started participating in all the music competitions of his school and even won a maximum number of prizes along with best singer prize in his senior years. Thomas Colaco was the one to give Paresh Kamath his first guitar lessons. In Kamath’s college days, on requesting of one of his college friends Arshad, Paresh started his rock band named as ‘Withchammer,’ which became very popular very soon then he became more confident about his career in music. Later on his younger brother, Naresh Kamath, who is a famous bass guitarist, also joined ‘Withchammer.’ In actual he was inspired by Mrs. Stevens, who was his music teacher, to become a musician. Being a musician, he loves to travel all over the world, learning new music as well as living a musician’s life. It always brings a new experience for him in the field of creating music. Paresh Kamath’s wife is Priyanka Bose, who is an Indian film actress as well as a model, mostly she is well-known for her role as well as acting in an Italian film named as Gangor, which was a tremendous hit. Paresh Kamath learns music by listening more and more different kind of songs. There are a maximum number of inspirational peoples who inspired him a lot. His inspirations are Price in a funk, James Brown, Bluesman B. B. King, and John Scofield. He also loves the pop music of Skrillex, The Whitest Boy Alive, Makossa, Daft Punk as well as Megablast also. He has worked with Kailash Kher in a band named as Kailasa. His dream is to become a very famous Bollywood music composer.

Paresh Kamath Hindi Actor