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Aashayein Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

Aashayein is a Bollywood film starring John Abraham and Sonal Sehgal in the lead roles. It is directed by critically acclaimed director Nagesh Kukunoor. It follows the life of Rahul (John) a young man who’s thriving in every sector of his life; he is financially stable and has a great emotional support to rely on, Nafisa (Sonal Sehgal), his girlfriend. His little utopian world comes crashing down when his medical reports reveal that has cancer. He is unable to come to terms with the cruel trick fate had just played on him.

His denial gradually turns into acceptance when he is admitted to a rehabilitation centre which has people with similar predicaments as him. Instead of feeling despondent and letting cancer get the better of him, he adopts a positive look to the matter and tries to make the most of his remaining life.

The trailer is emotionally charged and subtly manages to convey the message that we do not control our lifespans but we do control what we can do with our time on this earth. All the critics assessed the film differently. Some critics found the film to be NageshKukunoor’s ‘best work’ while the others found it to be a test of their patience. The audiences had moderate assessments of the film as well.