Sana Althaf was born on the 6th of June 1999 in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. She pursued her education from Bhavan’s Adarsha Vidyalaya in Kochi. She started her career at a very young age of fifteen when she was a host of a reality show in a Malayalam T.V channel. Upon seeing her appearance on screen, director Lal Jose Best known in Malayalam cinema, Lal Jose is a film >> Read More... Lal Jose invited her to be cast in his 2014 film ‘Vikramadithyan.'

She performed as the sister of Dulquer Salman. Filmgoers immediately noted her performance due to her natural and candid behavior on screen. Following the movie’s success, director Lal Jose recommends her to James Albert James Albert is an Indian scriptwriter and directo >> Read More... James Albert , who was looking for a suitable face to cast for the lead role in his 2015 film ‘Mariyam Mukku.'

The movie featured the renowned actor Fahad Fasil as the hero and Sana, who was still preparing for her tenth standard exams at the time, was cast opposite to him. The Malayalam film audience widely accepted her and it, gave her the much-needed exposure in the industry. Sana found her experience on the set of ‘Mariyam Mukku’ to be very kind and considerate towards her, owing to her lack of exposure in the field.

Sana takes advantage of her physical appearance that doesn’t reveal how old she is, and her actions, mannerisms also are trained to portray herself as a young, mature adult. Sana wishes to take bold steps in her career that is evident from her performance in her recent movie- ‘ Rani Padmini Rani Padmini was born at Anna Nagar in Chennai to >> Read More... Rani Padmini ’ in which she plays the role of a para-glider. She had apparently done a lot of research and practice to perform the role since not only did she have to portray herself in the character, She had to prove physically on the screen that she was no less than a professional paraglider. Sana Althaf hopes for a promising career in the Malayalam film industry.