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Reem Kadem, an actress and screenwriter, was born on the 23rd of April, and hence, shares her birthday with the world famous writer and dramatist, William Shakespeare. Even though her parents were born and raised in the city of Baghdad in Iraq, Ms. Reem was born in America. She started moving towards her career right from the age of 14 when she started practicing for theaters. Reem has had the opportunity to study along with legends like Alfred Molina, an English-American actor known for his performance in films like Riders of the Lost Ark, Chocolate, etc. He was also a BAFTA and Emmy Award nominee. She also studied with the American television as well as theater actor, Jack Stehlin, the Oscar Award winner as well as ‘Million Dollar Baby’ actor, Bobby Moresco, and also versatile actors such as Sean Penn, known for his movie ‘Mystic River’, Meg Ryan, who is well known for her lead role in ‘When Harry Met Sally’, as well as the actor, Mark Ruffalo.

Lately, Reem Kadem was chosen by the director of the film ‘ Boulevard’, Mr. Dito Montiel, to play the part of Nadia, an important supporting character in the movie, ‘ Man Down’, a 2015 release. The lead roles of Natalie Drummer and Gabriel Drummer were portrayed through the actress, Kate Mara, and the American actor and performance artist, known for his performance in the film ‘Transformers’, Shia LaBeouf.

Reem is not only a Hollywood actor, but also an award-winning scriptwriter.

She is the first ever Iraqi-American to get a chance in Indian cinemas. Reem was shortlisted and selected for a role in the bilingual movie by the Malayalam film director, Renjith Lal, which was called ‘Nawal Enna Jewel’ or ‘ Nawal The Jewel’. Ms. Kadam will be seen playing the main character of Nawal, a half Malayali and half Iranian. Her mother’s role is being played by the beautiful Malayalam actress, Shweta Menon.

Bindass Mohini Hindi Actress

Bindass Mohini

Bindass Mohini is a movie actress from India. Her real name is Kiran Sharad, but she is known as Bindass Mohini commonly. Mohini is a very talented dancer as well as an actor. She has taken part in the making of the movie named Murari. The motion picture belongs to the comedy genre and has not released yet. Her character in the film is of a young, bubbly, and ‘Bindass’ lady with the name of Mohini. Along with being a great dancer, she proved her ability as an actress through this movie. The person who was foremost to help her in this process of hers was Birju Maharaj. He is a pioneer of teaching Kathak, a classical dance form in India. Mohini is originally from the city of Amravati. She was formerly, a trained Kathak dancer. Gradually, her love and passion for cinema made her participate in plays and others theater performances. Along with doing plays, she has also taken part in many reality shows which had the central theme of dance. She has engaged in the motion picture named Shudra: The Rising too. The story got based on the life of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar. It released to the public in the year 2012. However, she thinks her work in the motion picture Murari taught her a lot and made her grow as an actor. It has given her a chance to explore her potential and possibilities in the acting field. Murari is the name of the person with whom she is in love. The role of Murari gets played by Sanjay Singh, another theater artist. Kiran believes that she has been able to improve owing tothe advice given by the great Kathak dancer and teacher Birju Maharaj. The maestro advised her to take proper care of her legs. The legs according to him are very crucial to all artists. Conversing with your legs, and feeling that they are not just a part of your body, will help in performance. Since Birju Maharaj enlightened Bindass Mohini, she has executed his advice and acted accordingly. Due to this, she has been able to make growth in her performance every time. The character she portrays in the film Murari is very different from how she is in real life. While the character Mohini is very open and extrovert, Bindass Mohini is herself very introvert and reserved. SujadIqbal Khan is the talented director of the motion picture.


Puvisha Manoharan

Puvisha Manoharan found her way to stardom when she signed up for her role in Chennai Express. She got casted in a Kannada film titled Jil Jil. She got envied by many for her beautiful features and strong aura. She promotes feminism, and she is opposed to animal cruelty. She is fond of being in the limelight for the right reasons. Her enchanting personality makes an effective impact on the entertainment industry. She is offered many roles for her determination and appropriate demeanor. She is appraised for her acting talents perfectly paired with her impeccable taste. She does not promote any falsehood and puts forth her true self everywhere irrespective of others’ opinions. Puvisha’s first venture in Bollywood was in Chennai Express, which was directed by the skilled Rohit Shetty. The film belonged to the genre of comedy and romance. The multi-star cast of the project included the legendary Shah Rukh Khan and the most promising newcomer Deepika Padukone. Puvisha’s role in the movie is of that of a supporting actress, and she portrays the part exceptionally well. She is recognized for her caliber and expertise.She plays the role of Deepika Padukone’s distant cousin in Chennai Express. She polishes the character and her experience in Kannada movies come in handy during the shooting of the film. Although she did not get accredited, critics took due note of her dramatics and improved, and applauded her efforts. Chennai Express has a plot based on a rich, spoilt boy meeting a gangster’s daughter and eventually, falling in love with her. As the storyline advances, the problems faced by the couple to acquire acceptance from the girl’s family are described vividly. The production teams included Gauri Khan, who is Shah Rukh Khan’s wife and a celebrated producer. The theatrical proved to become one of the most successful films in Bollywood, and it got celebrated worldwide. Puvisha starred in another theatrical titled Jil Jil, which got released in 2015. She claimed to be mistreated by the producer and director of the film. Venkatesh Prasad Belaguli and Uday Ballal produced and directed the movie respectively. She filed a case against the two, and the decision is pending. She hopes to see them behind bars for such an action. She is a dedicated and harmonious individual otherwise. She is friendly and cooperative. She does not seek trouble and promotes non-violence and peace. She is secretive about her personal life and does not reveal her plans in the entertainment industry.

Puvisha Manoharan Hindi Actress