Poonam Pandey Hindi Actress
Poonam Pandey is a film actress from Bollywood and also a famous Indian model. She was born in 1991 in Delhi and began her modeling career in 2010. She is still into this occupation, and has earned a name in modeling career. She played a leading role in the movie Nasha in 2013. The subject of this movie was much controversy, which is based on the topics of fornications. She played the role of a school teacher having illicit relationships with one of her students. Various critics saw this role played by her, with different eyes. Some critics like Rediff were on the point of view that, she has been over seductive in her role while others say that she had played the character in a very responsible manner. 

The publicity campaign of this movie was also very objectionable, especially the biggest religious party Shiv Sena strongly criticized this kind of posing by Poonam Pandey and tore away all the posters saying that, such hoardings and publicity will not be allowed. Recently she has signed another movie by the name of Malini and Co. She will be playing the lead role of Malini in this movie, which is going to be directed by Sameer Sharma Sameer Sharma, a talented Indian television actor >> Read More... Sameer Sharma . A lot of controversies are also being raised by different groups of society as well as media, but one can say nothing beforehand about the upcoming project. People demand that she should give some different work to watch, which would be different from her present trademark work type.