Vidushi Mehra is a Bollywood actress dedicated to gaining important character roles for herself to carve a solid foundation in the movie industry for herself. She has been playing minor roles in movies like Aisha, No One Killed Jessica, Bajaate Raho and Saat Khoon Maaf.

Vidushi was initially a theatre actress based in Delhi. She was introduced into the movie industry when actress Chitrangada Sen recommended her for her role in Aisha. Vidushi moved into the film industry because of insufficient pay as a theatre performer. She laments the state of theatre in India which compels many performers to move to movies.

She prefers the spontaneity of theatre performances to the production based, disconnected movie performances. Deeply skeptical of hunting for lead roles, Vidushi aims at performing roles which are important and meaningful. It is her belief that character roles are the best way to create a lasting career without having to face the pressures of maintaining a certain time and age bracket. She looks up to Anupam Kher as the 'complete package actor', who has lasted in the industry for decades based on his significant roles. Vidushi is married to Nikhil Mehra of designer duo Shantanu- Nikhil. The couple has twin boys.

Vidushi credits her ability to balance personal and professional life to the ‘support system’ her family provide. In an interview she said, ‘both my kids are too excited whenever they see me on screen’. Her supportive husband and encouraging children are a major source of her confidence. She has been quoted saying that she is glad that the industry coming out of stereotypes and becoming a space where a married woman can get meaningful roles.

Refusing to be bound by any typecast, Vidushi states that she never felt the need to prove anything to anybody. She claims that she is comfortable with how her career is shaping itself and feels no competition.

Vidisha Hindi Actress


Hailing from North India, she has acted in all the four prominent South Indian film industries. Vidisha Srivastava has acted in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada movies. Born in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh she is the older sister of Shanvi Srivastava, a rising star in Telugu cinema. She also has an older brother. She started her career as a model. She was featured in various brand advertisements a few of which include Alukkas Jewellery, Samsung, ICICI Bank, Neo Cricket and Sahara. She debuted in a Telugu film Mana Iddari Madhya in the year 2006. She was only nineteen then. She played the role of a girl named Shivani who mourns the death of her lover. Even though the movie wasn’t a commercial success, she didn’t go unnoticed. In 2007, three movies with her as the leading lady came out. Of the three, Athili Sattibabu LKG, directed by E.V.V.Satyanarayana did well at the box-office. She was also praised for her looks in the movie Alaa, which came out in the same year. In that same, lucky year she decided to test waters in Sandalwood (Kannada Film Industry). She made her Kannada debut with the film Nali Naliyutha. In this movie, she played the role of Jennifer, a misandrist. She played the role of Malathi in her Tamil debut Kathavarayan in the year 2008 and the role of Lakshmi in her Malayalam debut Lucky Jokers in 2011. Her recent film in Telugu was Devaraya where she acted alongside Srikanth, an established Telugu actor. Her educational qualifications include a degree in biotechnology and also a certification in business management. Her younger sister Shanvi is also into South Indian films. Shanvi has a few hits to her credit in the Telugu industry. Vidisha has a good relation with her sister. She enjoys reading and dancing.