Smita Thackeray also known as Ms.Smita is from a Hindu family, grown and brought up with the same traditions. Smita has a well-defined way of leading her life by finishing her graduate experience in a reputed institute, Bachelor of Science (honors), b.sc and further stepped into a star hotel, Hotel Centaur to work as an officer. Smita is a Maharashtrian, Marathi being her mother tongue she also is a scholar in Hindi.

After having months of work experience as an officer Smita got over her marriage feel and married the only son of the first family in Maharashtra, the Thackeray, Jaidev Thackeray son of Bal Thackeray and became Smita Thackeray the most common name nowadays in socio-economic fields and equally famous in cinemas.

Smita Thackeray after being married in her life, she inclined herself into governmental organizations and started her journey actively as the personal recruitment officer in MOPEC. Her wave of desires were suddenly morphed into partitions being, the charitable trust and cinemas, especially in the production field.

Ms. Thackeray is the chairperson of Mukti Foundation the trust that is immensely being helpful for the needy.She also became the proprietor of Rahul productions which has been successful in its working. The MuktiFoundation is the social serving community that tackles the communicable diseases by spreading awareness in a brand fashion undertaken by celebrities, sports icons, and big shots. This Foundation also shares its contribution in protests against drug abuse in schools and other academic institutions.

Mukti is the top most socially active Foundation and is well known for its establishments and accomplishments. “Never give up” is the attitude of Smita and that has made her being elected as president for the last two years consecutively in IMPPA (Indian Motion Pictures Producers Organization). Smita Thackeray has influenced a lot in vast varieties of sectors in this world out of which the NGO’s are the crucial ones; she is still eager to serve more for the surroundings.

Smita Thackeray’s son Rahul Thackeray Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rahul Thackeray had his matrimonial engagement recently, decorated with most of the top celebrities and other great personalities. Hailing from an ordinary middle- class family Smita joined hands with Thackeray and made the tributes pierce, Pierce at high altitudes. Smita expressed her brilliance in also acting in her first film Kaisay Kahein (2007) a story that describes the poem of love between a news reporter and a financial executive and the conspiracies that arose between their bond relation.

Some of her films that stunned the box office are Haseena Maan Jayegi (1999), the eminent film, The Sandwich (2006). “Live and let live “is her way of living style. Smita Thackeray, a gem in today’s world , has shined this far, and will shine till its potential.