The industry has quite a few examples of ‘one film wonders’ – actors or actresses who have been absolute super hits in their very first appearance, only to get lost into wilderness after that, never even remembered or recognised. One of the best examples of such an actress is Anu Agarwal, who had become a rage after her debut in the 1992 Mahesh Bhatt musical blockbuster “Aashiqi”. Although after that she acted in a few less remembered movies, including one in Assamese and another in Tamil, her career in movies virtually ended for good, after a near fatal accident that she met in 1999. After that her life and even her looks seem to have changed totally, as she is now settled in a remote corner of Bihar, practising yoga. In fact, the general feeling is that she has also grown eccentric, and become overly reclusive in nature. Her beginnings were, however, quite different. Born in Delhi and brought up in Chennai, she had a good academic background having been a gold medallist in Sociology before trying her hand in modelling and becoming a Video Jockey, before her big break with Mahesh Bhatt. The surprising part is, however, that as per a later confession, she never really harboured any dreams of becoming a heroine at all. Rather it was Bhatt who could make her agree to it. Her aim was to finish “Aashiqui” and the other assignments that came in the wake of its success, and leave the industry once and for all, but that was not to happen. Things became worse for her after that road accident and that changed everything. Today, a pale and contorted image of her old glamorous self, she bides her time in disjointed activities, single and all one her own, leaving others to wonder why in the first place did she enter the world of glamour.
Anjana Bhowmick Hindi Actress

Anjana Bhowmick

Anjana Bhowmick is an Indian actress who was born on 30th December 1944. Her birthplace is Cooch Behar. Her father is Bibhuti Bhusan Bhowmik. The real name of Anjana Bhowmik is Arati Bhowmik. She changed her name after beginning her career in Bengali cinema. Her nickname is Babli. She completed her primary education from a school in Cooch Behar. She completed her secondary education from Suniti Academy of Cooch, Behari. In 1961, she passed the higher secondary exam. After completing the secondary education, she entered Sarojini Naidu College. Also, she studied in the University of Calcutta. Currently, she resides in Mumbai and she is married to Anil Sharma. Anil Sharma is a Navy Officer. They have two daughters. They are Nilanjana Sharma and Chandana Sharma. Bengali actor, Jishu Sen Gupta is her son in law and he is married to Nilanjana Sharma. Both her daughters are Bengali actresses. She entered Bengali cinema in 1964 when she was 20 years old. Her first film was “Anustup Chanda” directed by Pijush Bose. There, she played the role of a village girl. The movie was a very successful and Anjana became popular Bengali actress. She received very good reviews from the viewers and critics. Her performances and the film were highly appreciated in several award ceremonies including National Film Awards (1964), BFJA Awards (1964) and BFJA Awards (1965). Later, she got the opportunity of acting with superstar Uttam Kumar and they were considered as one of the best couples in Bengali films. Some of her very popular films with Uttam Kumar are, “Chowringhee”, “Raj Drohi”, “Roudra Chhaya”, “Kokhono Megh” and “Nayika Sambad”. Some critics criticized her appearance in films only with Uttam Kumar and they said she cannot be successful without his support. However in film named “Mahashweta” she appeared with Bengali actor Soumitra Chattopadhyay and the film was an overnight hit. From 1964, she appeared in 15 films and did the main roles. Her last film was “Nishibasar”, which was released in 1987.


Anurita Jha

Of late there seems to be quite a number of young actors and actresses moving over from Bihar to Bollywood, instead of the earlier ‘once in a while’ cases of actors like Shatrughan Sinha or Sekhar Suman. The list of prominent actresses from Bihar is even less, but is now getting boosted with the presence of the likes of Anurita Jha, who shot into instant fame with Anurag Kashyap’s “Gangs of Wasseypur” in both its versions. She comes with a decent educational background, having done her graduation from BITS, Pilani, one of the foremost technical institutes in the country. Notwithstanding her brilliance in academics, she could not hide her likings for the world of show business, getting into modeling quite early, probably to prepare herself for a career in film acting. She had launched her modeling career initially from Delhi, only to shift to Mumbai later on, going on ultimately to win the Ford Supermodel Contest first, and then a year later, to bag the Channel V Get Gorgeous 2006 contest as well. While it is still “early days” in the industry for Anurita, the waves she has created with only two appearances so far, has really made the audience look up to her for more to come. Her discovery by none other than Anurag Kashyap has really been a boon for her, and the success in rapid succession has done her career a whole lot of good. Her performance in the role of Shama Parveen has been analysed by many as one of the most significant debut performances of the year 2012, and they have labeled her as a fresh young actress, literally oozing with talent. Looking back on how things developed so rapidly for her, Anurita confesses that though she did not have any formal prior exposure to acting, the workshops that Anurag Kashyap himself organized during the making of the film helped her a lot. Looking beyond the “Wasseypur” horizon Anurita admits that she has been approached with different offers and she has gone through the scripts of some of them, but she would like to be tight-lipped till things get frozen. But both outwardly and inwardly she seems to be having a quiet confidence about her abilities, and sooner rather than later, the industry would start hearing about her next exploits.

Anurita Jha Hindi Actress