The industry has quite a few examples of ‘one film wonders’ – actors or actresses who have been absolute super hits in their very first appearance, only to get lost into wilderness after that, never even remembered or recognised. One of the best examples of such an actress is Anu Agarwal, who had become a rage after her debut in the 1992 Mahesh Bhatt Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt created a niche for himself >> Read More... Mahesh Bhatt musical blockbuster “Aashiqi”. Although after that she acted in a few less remembered movies, including one in Assamese and another in Tamil, her career in movies virtually ended for good, after a near fatal accident that she met in 1999. After that her life and even her looks seem to have changed totally, as she is now settled in a remote corner of Bihar, practising yoga. In fact, the general feeling is that she has also grown eccentric, and become overly reclusive in nature. Her beginnings were, however, quite different. Born in Delhi and brought up in Chennai, she had a good academic background having been a gold medallist in Sociology before trying her hand in modelling and becoming a Video Jockey, before her big break with Mahesh Bhatt. The surprising part is, however, that as per a later confession, she never really harboured any dreams of becoming a heroine at all. Rather it was Bhatt who could make her agree to it. Her aim was to finish “Aashiqui” and the other assignments that came in the wake of its success, and leave the industry once and for all, but that was not to happen. Things became worse for her after that road accident and that changed everything. Today, a pale and contorted image of her old glamorous self, she bides her time in disjointed activities, single and all one her own, leaving others to wonder why in the first place did she enter the world of glamour.