Saswata Chatterjee is an actor of Bengali origin. He features in televisions and films. He began his venture in cinema industry with a serial, which was directed by Saibal Mitra in Hindi. It was based on the great Samaresh Majumdar's "Kaalpurush".

However, he gained popularity by playing "Topshe" directed by Sandip Ray. He got his break through a role in the film Kahaani directed by Sujoy Ghosh in 2012 with his incredible performance. His anti-hero role in the film is by far the best character he has played till now being a simple looking scary contract killer 'Bob Biswas'.

The nation was raged due to his portrayal of the villain and many comparisons with 'Mogambo' and ' Gabbar Singh' were also drawn. Saswata even lost his own identity because everywhere people started addressing him as Bob Biswas rather than by his name.

As sweet in nature, as he is, Mr. Saswata had to prepare himself psychologically before the shooting to get those feels of being a criminal. Inspired by this success, an illustrative novel is under production. Another film namely, Meghe Dhaka Tara, which hit the floors in the year 2013, was applauded by the general movie goers and also critics.

In this film, the social and the political condition of West Bengal in those horrific days of Tebhaga and Naxalite agitation is pictured, and he plays the male protagonist 'Nilkantha Bagchi' which was a success statewide.

In the month of December, on 19th in 1970, Saswata saw the world as the son of a noted Bengali actor Subhendu Chatterjee in Kolkata. Right from his childhood, he was more interested in the cinema industry and used to practice acting standing before mirrors.

He is married to Mohua, who is a teacher in Kolkata. They have a daughter named Hiya. He has also received several awards. In 2014, he got the Zee Bangla Gaurav Samman for Bhooter Bhabishyat. 2012 saw him getting awarded with the Anandalok Award for the Best Supporting Actor for Bhooter Bhabishyat.

In 2011 in the Imphal International Short Film Festival he got the prestige to handle the trophy of the Best Supporting Actor for 'THE FORLORN'.


Another version of this story...

Saswata Chatterjee (also known as Apu), born on 19 December 1970, Kolkata, is an Indian Television and Film Actor. He is the Son of Subhendu Chatterjee, a Bengali Actor. Saswata is married to Mohua, a Teacher, and has a daughter Hiya. He started his career with a serial, based on Samaresh Majumdar’s “Kaalpurush” and directed by Saibal Mitra. After his debut, he received a lot of appreciation and got another role in a daily soap directed by Sandip Ray.

Saswata also acted in several Bengali Films including Tiyasha, Meghe Dhaka Tara (based on a Novel written by Shaktipada Rajuguru with the same title), Rang Milanti, The Bong Connection (a movie based on Bengalis living in U.S.A and Kolkata), Abar Aranye, etc.

He also worked opposite Vidya Balan in the blockbuster film Kahaani in 2012. His acting skills were highly appreciated, and his character went viral on social media. Chatterjee was awarded the Zee Bangla Gaurav Samman Award for Bhooter Bhabishyar, Anandalok Best Supporting Actor Award for Bhooter Bhabishyar and Best Supporting Actor - Imphal International Short Film Festival 2012, for the movie The Forlorn.

Kashinath Ghanekar

Kashinath Ghanekar was born in 1940. He began his career as a dental surgeon as well as an actor who performed in several stage shows. He appeared in several Marathi movies during 1960. Apart from Marathi films he also took part in films in other language like Hindi. He made his first appearance for the Hindi Tele Film named Abhilasha for which he played the role opposite the character Nanda. Kashinath also played in Dadi Maa for which he played the role of a good son for Binna Roy and Ashok Kumar. He died due to an unexpected heart attack while he was planning a visit to one of Maharashtra’s rural places for the drama tour. One of his popular plays is Raigadhala Jevha Jaag Yete for which he played the role of Sambhaji which help him gain massive response from the audience and made him a prominent actor among the cinema Industries, the play was by Vasant Kanekhar. After this, he did several important shows which are more popular and helped him to become famous among the people. They include Tithe Ache Tujpashi, Anandi Gopal, Sundar Mi Honor, Shitu, Ithe Oshalala Mrityun, Garambicha Bapu, Madhumanjiri, and Ashrunchi Jhali, just to name some. During 1967, the most notable Marathi talkie he did was Madhuchandra. This talkie made him a memorable actor among the Marathi cinema industry. He married Iravati M Bhide who is the obstetrician and gynecologist. Due to the inability to conceive children, their marriage came to an end with a divorce. Later he married a younger lady, Kanchan who is the daughter of the famous Marathi actress Sulochana. Sulochana, the famous writer of the biography Nath ha Maza. Filmography career started in 1953 for the movie Dharma Pathini. In 1968, he acted in the motion picture Path Lag. After that, in 1964 tender for the Screen play Maratha Tituka Melvava. One of his notable movies was Dadi Maa which is in the year 1956. After this year, he gave his most popular movie Madhu Chandra in 1967. After 1967, in 1968 he worked in the Motion Picture Ekati. In 1968 he worked for the Screen play Preeti Shikwa Mala he also participated for the famous movie Abhilasha that helped him to gain the most fans in the Marathi film industry. In 1976 he acted in his last flick Ha Khel Savalyancha. In 1971 he worked for two cinemas namely Ajab Tuze Sarkar and also in Zep.

Kashinath Ghanekar Hindi Actor