A film par excellence sure to touch your heart A subtle story of a teacher and student that defines a perfect relation a mentor and his follower could share

Hawaa Hawaai Movie Review

Hawaa Hawaai Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Hawaa Hawaai"
Runtime: 2 Hours 00 Minute
Certificate: U
Released: 09-05-2014
Genre: Drama, Sports
3.5 / 5.0

A film par excellence, sure to touch your heart. A subtle story of a teacher and student that defines a perfect relation a mentor and his follower could share. Victoriously achieving his aim, the star kid is definitely one reason every parent shall drag their child to watch this movie.

Plot: A young lad, with a dynamic dream, pursues everything he can to leave no stone unturned to achieve his dream of skating. With the aid of a determined teacher Saqib, Partho is able to break all the odds and achieve the evens. Saqib is not only Partho’s pillar of support but all his solutions to all obstacles. Partho, a very talented skater, does not turn out on the field for his skating competition. This makes his teacher anxious, and he learns that Partho is suffering from Hepatitis. He gets him cured. Moreover, the tragic struggle of a poor child is seen by Saqib, and he opts to help him out. Due to Saqib’s relentless efforts and Partho’s inexorable hard work, the young boy emerges as the winner of the race. His friends and he too get admitted to a school and start to lead a life contradicting to the one in the vicious cycle of poverty.

Analysis: The very message that anyone can dream and fly is the essence of the movie. A movie of 2 hours, it becomes a bit too long; nevertheless, one cannot stop his tears at the end. A well-scripted movie with moments so touchy is certainly something “hatke” in today’s time. Amole Gupte has a knack towards working with children which makes this film a gem as the characters instantly appeal to the mass. Star Performance ParthoGupte (without a second thought) is the soul of the movie. He astounds you with hi near to perfection acting skills at such a tender age. Saqib Saleem too retains his position well and outstands during the poignant scenes. A special mention to the kids playing the role of Partho’s friends who’ve also portrayed extremely fine drama.

What is there?

1. A very different story without villains villains.

2. Wonderful camera work.

3. The end deciding race has been cinematographed brilliantly.

What is not there?

1. A bit too long for such a type of story.

Verdict The film is a ‘Navratna’. Inspirational and galvanizing, this movie is a strong recommendation. Very beautifully it brings out the triumph of human spirit in the wake of adversities.