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Kanika Kotnala Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 19 April 1992

Age Now 32

Kanika Kotnala - (TV-Actress)

Surekha Sikri Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 19 April 1945

Lived For 75 Years

Surekha Sikri - (TV-Actress)

Arshad Warsi Hindi Movie Actor
Born: 19 April 1968

Age Now 56

Arshad Warsi - (Movie Actor)

Mukesh Rishi Hindi Villain
Born: 19 April 1956

Age Now 68

Mukesh Rishi - (Villain)

Deepak Jethi Hindi TV-Actor
Born: 19 April 1966

Age Now 58

Deepak Jethi - (TV-Actor)

Mehazabien Chowdhury Hindi Model
Born: 19 April 1991

Age Now 33

Mehazabien Chowdhury - (Model)

Ritesh Shah Hindi Screenplay Writer
Born: 19 April 1976

Age Now 48

Ritesh Shah - (Screenplay Writer)


Host A Credible Member Of The show

A host is someone who hosts reality and tv shows. There are both male and female TV show hosts. Hosts are usually found on reality TV shows and contests. He/ she is the link between the judges and the participants. They are responsible for handling the details of the contestants and reviewing it to the judges and vice versa. A good host is someone who encourages the participants and helps the judges take the right decisions by picking fair winners. They also introduce the show, and the judges and contestants.

Hosts even promote the TV show by naming the sponsors and other supporters to the audience and viewers. A host is funny, witty and a good sport to all the jokes and teasing onscreen. In the case of guest judges, a host is required to bring them on stage and make them perform or interact with the crowds. They are expected to be happy go lucky and also entertain the audience and viewers with their jokes and comments.