DJ Ivan is a name that is often taken when we talk about great DJ experiences in the country. Ivan is a Bangalore based DJ who has etched a name for himself in the music world. Ivan’s music mixes are catchy and thoroughly enjoyable.

Ivan’s journey in the DJ world started around fifteen years ago. He started out with gigs at a small place called ‘Time and Again’, in Mumbai. That is where he used to play as a DJ, and his long colorful career kicked off from there. Little did he realize that he would reach such great lengths in his career as a famous and creative DJ.

Around 1995, he began his first job in Bangalore with ‘Midnight Express Pub’, and his career catapulted. His music took him places and he was shuffling between top cities in the country. His knowledge about music and remixes attracted a lot of attention, his favorite being electronic music, or what he calls ‘electronica’. He established himself quite well in the field of entertainment and music. He was selected to be the official DJ for Channel V, and later for Bacardi Martini.

DJ Ivan was multi-faceted, and always liked to compose new music and styles. He has also hosted several radio shows in Bangalore, and has his own show, from five years, called Radio Mix on 91.9 FM Bangalore. No doubt that this DJ was loaded with talent, but in his interviews, he is always seen as a humble person. His thirst for composing music and experimenting with music is always evident.

Of all his great stories of success, the one with being the one and only official DJ from India to play music at ‘Ministry of Sound’ is one to never forget. It was the year 2001, and Ivan reached the pinnacle of a successful career by becoming the only DJ to represent India at MOS official Indian tour. To add to his firsts, he was the first DJ to host a great platform for creative minds at his international dance show on 91.9 radio station from 2001-03. He was also the first Indian DJ to have gotten a chance to perform in Dubai-Copas at four point Sheraton Hotel.

Never stopping his constant attempts at creating some new mashups and re-edits, he has always been innovative, and soon it is expected that he would release his new single, Music Is My Life. After working with international DJs like Paul Van Dyk, Smoking Joe, and Steve Lawler, as well as becoming the official MOS India Resident, it is certainly fair to expect great music from this powerhouse DJ.

In his interviews, he mentions about his various experiences as a DJ on the console, how girls come up to him and talk to him. All this seems very normal for a DJ, but DJ Ivan does not get carried away by it. He maintains that music is most important to him above all. Known for his simple sense of style, he does admit that he likes wearing nice fancy watches and sport different shoes, as he wants to appear stylish. However, he goes mum when asked about his personal life. He manages to give out very little information about his wife and his two kids, and wishes to keep his personal life under wraps.