Krishna DK is an Indian filmmaker who has collaborated with Raj Nidimoru to deliver quirky films in the Bollywood industry. His full name is Krishna Dasarakothapalli. He was born on December 13, 1972. Krishna hails from Chittoor where he completed his schooling as well. Then, he opted for computer science engineering at Tirupati-based Sri Venkateswara University. But Krishna did not know that he would meet his future associate Raj Nidimoru at the same college. They became good friends and laid the foundation of their partnership. The duo represented themselves at several cultural meets and secured podium positions as well. Later, Krishna would go on to work as a software engineer and stayed in the United States as a part of his job. Although he was getting a lucrative salary, Krishna felt that his ordinary life hampered his creativity. Luckily for him, he met his best friend Raj again. After some conversations, the duo decided to make films. However, they knew the road would not be smooth for them.

DK as he is also known by admitted that he got inspired to enter the world of cinema when his friend bought a camcorder. The pair read Sin City’s Robert Rodriguez’ guide “Rebel without a Crew” which underlined the importance of improvisation when there is a dearth of funds and components. As Rodriguez got acknowledgment for his efforts in his debut flick “Mariachi,” they decided to do similar on the lines of Sin City’s director. Being engineers by profession, they procured actors, software, and equipment as required. Meanwhile, the duo wrote a script. They announced their entry with Just Me, an eight-minute psychological thriller. They tasted some success when it got prizes and recognition in the local events. Slowly, the pair of Raj-DK helmed “Love, Relationship and other Trivial Things” which was thirty minutes long and “,” a 45-minute short film. Notably, attracted interest from fellow cinema lovers. Indian-origin businessman Anupam Mittal who started, a matrimonial website, got associated with them for the production of their next project. In a chat show, DK said that they searched for the actors on the web and got lucky when Sita Menon agreed to act in their film. With the budget less than one crore rupees, they managed to win prestigious awards.

In 2003, Raj and DK directed Flavors which depicted the lives of Non-Resident Indians in the city of New York. Krishna decided to quit his job to focus on being a scriptwriter. Raj also followed suit and joined him in the pursuit of Bollywood. Despite not being fluent in Hindi, they forged their path and came up with the movie “ 99.” 99 had Kunal Khemu, BomanIrani, Soha Ali Khan, and Cyrus Broacha. “99” revolves around the infamous 1999 cricket betting scandal and how the lives get changed aftermath the events. People appreciated 99 for its innovative take on the genre of comic-thriller movies. Initially apprehensive of the outcome, Krishna returned to the US to gather funds to become self-dependent. In 2011, Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms roped in the duo to direct “ Shor in the City” after listening to their script. SITC featured Sendhil Ramamurthy, Preeti Desai (ex- Miss Great Britain), Tusshar Kapoor, and Radhika Apte. Released on 29th April 2011, CNN-IBN’s Rajeev Masand praised the mix of comedy, violence, and suspense in this flick. Finally, it earned 45 crore rupees at the Box-Office. Two years later, Raj and DK presented Go Goa Gone, touted to be India’s first “zombie-comedy.” Shot in Mauritius, Saif Ali Khan was the star attraction of Go Goa Gone. Public liked the movie and appreciated the directors to make a zombie-related flick. Once again, Saif teamed up with them for “ Happy Ending” which got screened in 2014. However, the movie did not have a happy ending as it fared unsuccessfully. Their next project is titled “ A Gentleman” which is supposed to be a spin-off to “ Bang Bang!” and has Siddharth Malhotra as the titular character. It will release on 25th August 2017.

Krishna said that “Flavors” was meant for the Telugu audience in spite of its English dialogues. However, he was confident that people would love a film like Flavors. He noted that Telugus form a large chunk of NRI population, so he targeted the audience of that particular community.

Kirti Kumar Hindi Actor

Kirti Kumar

Kirti Kumar is a very famous actor and a producer in Bollywood. Two of his siblings are very famous actors in Bollywood. One is Govinda, and the other is Kamini Khanna. They are veteran actors in Bollywood. The name of Kirti’s father was Arun Kumar, and the name of his mother was Nirmala Devi. The name of his only child is J. Ahuja. The names of Kirti’s grandparents were K. Devi and V. P. Singh. He has two nephews. One among them is Y. Ahuja and the other one was A. Khanna. In the year 1960, Kirti made his debut in Bollywood. The name of his debut film was Ghar Ki Laj. Since then he has acted in over 50 films in his career. He has been a playback singer for only one film in his career. The film was Hatya, and it was released in the year 1988. In the same film, he also played the role of a producer. His second credit as a producer was for the film Radha Ka Sangam in the year 1992 where his sibling Govinda acted. His second film after Ghar Ki Laj was Zindagi Aur Maut and it was released five years after Ghar Ki Laj in 1965. Then after a gap of 3 years in 1968, his third film released. The name of the film was Jhuk Gaya Asman. He started acting in an era when all the legendary Bollywood actors like Rajesh Khanna, Dilip Kumar, Kamal Hasaan, Raj Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, and much more were at the peak of their careers. Since the 1970s, his acting career became stable and consistent. At an average, he would release at least a single film every year. His luck changed when he acted in the film Sachha Jhutha in 1970. His acting was so good that he began to get film offers more frequently. From 1970 his career took a positive turn, and it changed his life. Then he again delivered a blockbuster film in 1978. The name of the film was Muqaddar Ka Sikander. It starred Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role along with Kirti Kumar. The film was a box office chart buster. Then in 1980, he acted in the film Do Aur Do Panch. This film was again a big hit. His final hit film was Mard starring the Big B and Kirti as Shamsher. The film was released in 1985.


Pawan Kripalani

Pavan Kripalani is a successful movie director and rose to fame with movies like “Ragini MMS” and Phobia to his name. He has admitted to being a lover of the thriller-horror genre and enjoys horror-psychological thrillers,both of which he considers to be siblings. Pawan Kripalani loves playing around with horror, and his next film can be a horror comedy. He had assisted Ram Gopal Verma in many films before he made his directorial debut with the movie that roared at the box office, “Ragini MMS”. It was one of its kind as it was the first Indian film belonging to found footage category. But after this golden opportunity was given to him by Ekta Kapoor, not many offers came his way. Two years after shuffling from one studio to another just so that his script could be read, he was desperate and completely broke. He had to do something to pursue what he really wanted to make. So, “[email protected]” happened which unfortunately threw him back even more as it did not fare well at the box office. It was really difficult for him to get a movie after that. Pavan Kripalani has worked really hard to build up his recent release “Phobia”, a shut-in film with only a few characters. This is undoubtedly his best work till date. The movie released with zero censor cuts. He has confessed to have been so stoked by the experience that a large part of him wants to try his luck with another similar film. Pawan Kripalani has admitted that “Phobia” is his kind of space and his first real attempt at the horror genre. He feels like the film is an extension of what he is as a person. He has talked about how “Phobia” is a very relevant film for our times and it highlights a sensitive and rarely touched topic in Indian cinema, i.e. a woman’s consent. Kripalani has always been very eager to explore the various phobias. One of his favourite shows during his childhood days was Twilight zones. After a series of ups and downs, Pawan Kripalani has finally carved his place in our hearts. He is undoubtedly one of the exceptional directors in Indian cinema in the horror genre. His hard work and progress is evident with every movie he makes. His next film is titled “Blue Blood” and revolves around a royal Rajasthani Family and extensive poaching of endangered species in the state.

Pawan Kripalani Hindi Actor