From TV Soap writing to becoming an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, born on 26 September 1980, in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), Anand Gandhi has worked as a producer, script writer, director, cinematographer and currently working as a CEO of ‘Memesys Culture Lab’, a Mumbai-based Studio. He began his career when he was 19, as a scriptwriter for some of the famous TV Soaps in India in the early 2000’s. He wrote dialogues for the first 82 episodes of the prominent TV Serial “”. ‘Kyunki..’ and “ Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii is like an all time favorite >> Read More... Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii ” , where some of his work fields for which he wrote screenplay. No doubt this person was one of the backbones of many successful Hindi daily Soaps. He then moved away from his television career to write and direct many critically acclaimed plays like ‘Sugandhi’, ‘Kshantsav’, ‘Pratyancha’, Na and Janashtaru, though Chal Reverse Ma Jaiye (Gujarati play) was his only mainstream play which gained him moderate success commercially winning Transmedia Best Play Award for 2005. Raised by a Gujarati Jain family in Mumbai, Anand has shown his interest in writing and directing at a mere age of 12. He traveled across the parts of India exploring, writing, performing, and attending workshops on subjects like Gandhian economics and Quantum Physics. He strongly calls himself an atheistic.

He lives with her partner Kani Kusruti Kani Kusruti is an Indian model and actress born o >> Read More... Kani Kusruti , a Keralite who is an Indian Actress and Model. Anand loves Gujarati Poetry. Also he writes poetry which he has never published. ‘Ship of Theseus’ was his first directed featured-length film which gained him recognition which was released in the year 2013 (the year 2012 in Toronto International Film Festival). The movie was released in many countries and translated into different languages including English, Arabic, and Swedish. The movie won various awards like the one at the Transylvania International Film Festival, an award for the Best Cinematography at the Tokyo International Film Festival, and a special Jury award for Technical Excellence at the Mumbai Film Festival, and an award for Best Actress at the Dubai International Film Festival. (You can guess the popularity of film by its IMDB rating which is 8.1/10). His other works include Right Here, Right Now (2003), Continuum (2006), Tumbad (present), Proposition for a revolution (present). He has worked as a Director, Writer, and Producer in these movies. He is currently overseeing the documentary ‘Proposition for a Revolution’ the rise of Aam Aadmi Party and for the anti-corruption protests in India.