Ajai Sinha an Indian television and film director and story writer is best known for his work as a director for ‘Astitva Ek Prem Kahani’, In the year 2001, he made his debut as a director for ' Dollar Bahu' which was aired on Zee TV. The show was created by Cinemaya Media Limited. He also directed, later on, three Hindi movies namely 3 Bachelors ( 2012), Khap ( 2011) and Stop (2004). Ajai Sinha also directed Hasratein and Astitva, Ek Prem Kahaani.

Through these shows, he sent a message for the viewer’s why can not the society change their outlook towards women and their relationship can. It was only for two women centric-themes that he felt it to be a challenging task and got fully involved. He liked the scripts when he read for ‘Hasratein ‘– where a woman has an affair, and ‘Astitva’, where a woman marries a much younger man. In his another TV show ‘ Aadhe Adhoore’ on Zindagi was based on the relationship between a married woman and her brother-in-law.

He always prefers acting with actors who have the theatre background and searches for real good stories, good dialogues, and good screenplay. He was lucky to act good stories, good directors, and good dialogues. He considered himself to be fortunate to work with such fine performers such as Shefali, Pallavi Joshi, Nikki Aneja and Harsh Chhaya in his TV shows. Most of the TV plots that Ajai had directed are based on relatable conflicts and struggles of entering/maintaining a relationship between a man and women.

However, these conflicts are taken to natural and even literally too acceptable. ‘3 Bachelors’ was a movie released in 2016 and had young faces such as Sharman Joshi, Manish Nagpal, Raima Sen, Riya Sen- who faces a whole lot of confusion before their marriage. Hence, they engage among themselves to tackle the problem. It was a comedy movie. In the year 2011, he directed ‘Khap’ starring Yuvika Chaudhary, Om Puri, Govind Namdeo, Manoj Pahwa, Mohnish Bahl which was a socio-political drama based on true incidents of Manoj-Babli honor killing case and Khap that was witnessed in Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

His movie 'Stop!' was based on four home-mates in Dubai which released in 2004. It was a low-budget movie. This director Ajai Sinha possessed the highest level of skill within a specific TV or cinema media and is recognized as an expert in that industry. That is why he was able to produce expressive and creative ideas and translate them into something cinematic.

Amit Rai

Amit Rai is an Indian film director and writer. He won the Gollapudi Srinivas Award in 2010 for directing Road to Sangam. He got the best debutant director award. This film fetched him 14 national and international awards including the Silver Palm Award at Mexico international film festival award. He won the best director award at the 9th Annual International film festival in South Africa and best film in 5th Annual Macon Film Festival. His 2009 Marathi film Tingya, won him the best director award at the International Film Fest of South Africa, 2009. After the success of Road To Sangam, he wanted to direct a film on the relevance of marriage. It was to star Yeh Saali Zindagi fame Arunoday Singh and Tamil actor Suriya. This director hails from Eastern UP. His father was a factory worker. His life would remind us of a story of film script how he transferred his teaching job into filmmaking. In his youth days, he lent some money to a Muslim friend of his, and the friend ran away to Saudi Arabia. Amit had given up hope that he would return. But one day his Muslim friend returned and gifted Amit’s family a VCR of National Brand. In those days, there was no TV set in his home. Hence his father took the VCR to a neighborhood electronic shop and wanted to sell the VCR. The shopkeeper understood, his father had no job but advised his father to buy a TV partial payment and start the profession of Video parlor. His father liked his idea and bought a TV set and roped Amit to help him in his new business. Thus, he got hooked into films and could understand how and when the next scene would be cut. In between, his video parlor job, Amit was doing theatre and even passed the entrance examination of National School of Drama but, his father advised him to choose another career. So Amit Rai completed his MCOM degree. After which, he started taking tuitions and became financially independent within few years. But Amit was not happy in his heart with teaching. Hence he appeared for an entrance examination in FTII, Pune. He missed the course as he was short of just one mark. Later, someone advised him to become a member of Pune University which was offering a course in Theatre. But when he reached the University of Pune, he realized the course was for Marathi Theatre, and he did not know Marathi. He met Waman Kendre, who was on the interview panel. It may be noted that Woman and Amit were associated with workshops in NSD who then asked him to show something. Amit enacted the first act of Tughlaq in Bhojpuri. He was selected to Pune University for Marathi Theatre course. Later on, Amit Rai assisted Mangesh Hadawale for his first film Tingya in 2009; the film was sent to Oscar. But none did realize the effort of Amit Rai and never gave him an offer to work. Amit Rai also got to make a two-minute story for NDTV. After Tingya, he directed a Hindi film 'Road to Sangam' and even wrote the story of the film too. This film featured actors like Om Puri, Paresh Rawal, and Pawan Malhotra. After ‘Road To Sangam,’ he directed a movie ‘Ipad’ which depicts the story of Bhopal mechanic who invents the sanitary napkin machine where in his village uninfected napkins are unaffordable. The film found difficulty in fetching distributors.

Amit Rai Hindi Actor