A film made to deliver yet another social message aiming to improvise the rural rituals and traditions of our country Sure to engross you this movie with a di

Khap Movie Review

Khap Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Khap"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 29-07-2011
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Social
2 / 5.0

A film made to deliver yet another social message aiming to improvise the rural rituals and traditions of our country. Sure to engross you, this movie with a different movie story is an addition to social cinema.

Plot:  MohnishBahl, working with the National Human Rights Commission, resides at Delhi with his wife and teenage daughter Yuvika Chaudhary. After a gap of sixteen years, he visits his village to investigate into a case of honor killing. The issue of this traditional massacre is common there. Om Puri, who is Mohnish's father, is also one of the heads of the Panchayat in the village. He and his son cannot stand shoulder to shoulder because of Mohnish’s firm and determined stand against honor killing. Om Puri does not approve of inter-caste/community marriage. Fate plays a game with him when his own granddaughter elopes with her college mate to fall in love and get married. Will this be accepted by Om Puri or will he defy the strength of his blood relations? To know more, watch this sensitive but awakening movie.

Analysis Khap is an issue based movie but for it to fall under the genre of entertainment is a far-fetched dream. This could be because of the dull and gloomy screenplay which fails to engross the viewers. The sad part is that the twists become very predictable and develop no interest in the people. The lines written are less impactful. Moreover, the characters haven’t been able to connect well with the audience and ultimately the movie goes into the arena of boredom.

Star Performance: MohnishBahl and Anooradha Patel leave a mark of perfection when it comes to acting. Om Puri is pretty good. Yuvika Choudhary is just okay with a lot of mistakes in her presentation.

What is there?

1. Uni directional movie with a boring tone.

2. Wasted romantic track.

3. The camera work and background score are disappointing.

What is not there?

1. A good music album.

2. Strong and impactful dialogues.

Verdict: Khap was primarily made to let the chill run down your spine but sadly the film could not portray the story well.