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Shobhaa was born on January 7, 1948.She was born in Mumbai in a Saraswat Brahmin Hindu Family. She was brought up in Mumbai, Girgaon India. She initially began her career as a Model. She also started her career as journalism by the year 1970.During her course she edited many magazines Society, Celebrity, stardust. Stardust Magazine was published by Mumbai-Magna Publishing Co ltd., which was began by the year 1971 by Nari Hira.

She was then popularly known as Shobhaa De because of the editorship. By the year 1980, she began the new Magazine section called Sunday Magazine for the section The Times of India. She always speaks about the fast life of Mumbai celebrities. By present, she is working as writer of freelancer and novelist for several Newspaper and Magazine. She works in weekly columns in several Magazines, like The Times of India and Asian Age. She is currently working in several soaps as writer on Television shows for Several Television Daily serial, Swabhimaan. She also writes Column for The Week. She also took part in Literary festivals like which took part Melbourne.

She took part as a participant in Literature Festival in Bangalore. Shobhaa De's opinion's were against by Shiv Sena. Her books include Speedpost by the year 1999. The theme of this book is the growing pains and adolescent anxieties about friendship, love and sex, religion and God. It also deals with the challenge of being a parent, family tradition. The entire book deals with the value of the life’s of children. Her famous novel is Second Thoughts which was a love story about a girl named Maya who had lot of desires and want to get rid of her strict family to the colorful Mumbai. She went there after getting married with her husband and lots of desires.

But her entire dreams where shattered by her conservative husband. Her second novel is Starry Nights. The cast of the novel are Aasha Rani and Akshay her lover. The story is based on the love affairs of Dharmendra Singh Deol with Hema Malini Hema Malini is perhaps the only dream girl of the >> Read More... and Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan was born on October 11, 1942 in A >> Read More... with Rekha Ganesanand. The book had a highest selling in India. Her first novel was Socialite Evening. It describes about the life of Mumbai People. How the women are leading a loveless life and how the husbands treat them for social responsibilities. The book was critically made a lot of disaster but it was a Commercial success. Her upcoming book is Small Betrayals.

De Family Tree (Infographic Family Tree)


Born: 12 June 1980

Age Now 44

Viraf Phiroz Patel - (Model)

Born: 12 June 1983

Age Now 41

Perneet Chauhan - (TV-Actress)

Born: 12 June 1985

Age Now 39

Salman Yusuff Khan - (TV-Actor)

Born: 12 June 1993

Age Now 31

Sonal Vengurlekar - (TV-Actress)

Born: 12 June 1963

Age Now 61

Shahnawaz Pradhan - (Movie Actor)

Born: 12 June 1962

Age Now 62

Shrabani Deodhar - (Director)

Born: 12 June 1987

Age Now 37

Dhyey Mehta - (Movie Actor)