Nabeel Qureshi is a peripatetic international presenter and also an author of religious books like Seeking Allah and Finding Jesus. He was born and brought up as a Muslim child in the United Stated of America. He grew up in a Muslim family teaching him Islamic values and ethics, but he also engaged in various spiritual and sacred debates and discussion in Christianity. He found his best friend by engaging in a debate about Christianity and Islamic beliefs with him. They have stayed best friends since then and have found various myths and beliefs about the two religions. Nabeel has acquired a degree of MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School. He also holds two master’s degree of MA in Christian apologetics and Religion from Biola University and Duke University respectively.

At present, Nabeel is in Atlanta with his companion. Nabeel is a previous sanctimonious Muslim, who has now converted himself into a Christian. He practices, preaches, writes and debates about dispersing gospel. Dr. Nabeel Qureshi grants lectures, seminars, and colloquium in the educational institutions, colleges and universities of North America like Rutgers, Ottawa, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , Carolina, etc. He has involved himself in seventeen sensible civic debates in North America, in Europe and various parts of Asia. His major focal point revolves around the early philosophy and thoughts of Islamic teachings and practicalities of the Christianity.

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