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Other names of Samir Choughule: Samir Diwakar Choughule
Hindi Actor Samir Choughule
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Samir Choughule was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, on 29 June 1973. He is a writer and a Marathi actor who is known for his legendry comic role and amazing performance. He completed his education at Shailendra Education Society, Mumbai and he was very interested in sports during those days. Later in 1993, he completed his graduation from M. L. Dahanukar College of Commerce, Mumbai, and soon after graduation he also started working in Mumbai but in 2002, he decided to do acting and make it a career. So, he joined a theatre and became a part of many plays. Since then, he has done various types of projects on TV and in movies. Some of his theatre plays are Asa Mi Asa Mi, Varyavarchi Varat, Vyakti Ani Valli ‘Vyakti Ani Valli’ is a drama serial that was aire >> Read More... , Yada kadachit, Chalre BhoplyaTunuk,Tunuk, Balak-Palak, Shri Baee Samartha, Carry on Heavens (Hinglish drama by Bharat Dabholkar Bharat Dabholkar is an actor-director and a writer >> Read More... ), Best of Bottoms Up (English Drama), Yancha Karaycha Kay.

Samir Choughule made his debut in 2005 for a Marathi film named Kaydyacha Bola and right after that in 2008 he also made his Bollywood debut from the film named Mumbai Meri Jaan Click to look into! >> Read More... . A few more movies which he became a part of are Aajcha Divas Majha (2013), Vakratunda Mahakaaya (2015), A Paying Ghost (2015), Mumbai Times (2016), and Vikun Taak (2019). Apart from this, he has also made appearances and acted in many shows of Marathi like Tikal te Political, Ambat God, Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi, Comedychi Bullet Train, Aaj Ke Shrimaan Shrimati, Kunku, Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra is a stand-up comedy sh >> Read More... , Asa Maaher Nako Ga Baai, and SaareTujhyachsathi. He is popularly recognized for his role in Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra which is telecasted on Sony Marathi. 

Talking about his personal life he is married to Kavita Choughule. He also writes for Saamana E-paper under the column ‘Fulora’ in which he mostly talks about life. In a given interview to Times of India the previous year he told the reporter that he was very depressed when the lockdown begins because of work but then he overcame the situation and stable his mental health. He further told the reporter about his mental health, he said he gets through so much pressure because he has to perform better than the previous performance to fulfil the expectation of people. And he feels so bad when a skit doesn’t work but he again works on that. But when things don’t work his wife always cheers him up, he said. He also told the reporter that sometimes thinking about the skit irritates him a lot so he tries, not to think about it and focus on other things. 


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