Shashi Bhushan is an actor from a small town on the outskirts of Jharkhand. Despite not having gained mainstream recognition, Shashi Bhushan is a very talented artist. Be it writing, acting or directing; his colleagues have always respected him and his sheer talent for the business. He is famous for his roles in Kajarya, Flyleaves and of course, the super hit true story- Neerja. He graduated from the University of Mumbai and later finished his studies from the ‘Film and Television Institute of India.’ He learned to be a writer, play-write and play director. Shashi’s premier break came in the movie Bhagaude.

However, it was actually the play he directed- Bade Bhaisahabthat that gave him relevance in this fiercely competitive world. A play based on the education system in India, it is a social commentary that engaged audiences of all ages into its spirit. It is said that the play is based on the artist’s childhood. He had learnt from his childhood that school focused too much on examinations rather than understanding and hence he penned this serious and socially pertinent play to enforce a change in his own little way. This wasn’t the first time Bhushan had taken up a project which had personal relevance to him.

Hismovie, Kajarya was one another such movie. The flick is pivoted on the societal evil of female infanticide and was shot in Haryana, a place where this norm is rampant. Moreover, his acting in the movie Kajarya was applauded by viewers and critics alike, especially Eve Ensler. Ensler is a fellow campaigner for female rights, and the writer of The Vagina Monologues. She said that the way Bhushan showcased his character was really moving. In the movie, Shashi plays the role of Shambhu, one of the main leads. The movie is a ‘documentary-drama’ directed by Madhureeta Anand Madhureeta Anand is an Indian filmmaker, writer, a >> Read More... Madhureeta Anand . It was released on 4th December 2013. Shashi Bhushan got a lot of publicity for his role in this movie because it was also shown at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2013.

The festival was held as a celebration of Indian Cinema completing one hundred years! This garnered him a lot of attention and the movie was shown at 10 other film festivals as well. Since Bhushan was born and brought up in Jharkhand- another place in India where the practice of female infanticide in fecund- he said that this movie meant something to him and wanted the country to wake up and smell what wrongs are being done in the society. Shashi’s latest role was that of Imran Ali in the mega hit biography adaptation Neerja, the true story of how an air hostess sacrificed herself to save over 300 people’s lives after terrorists hijacked the plane. Shashi currently lives happily in the home of Bollywood- Mumbai.