Tom Marks English Actor
Other Skills
    - Sound Re-recording Mixer

Tom Marks is one of the most noted re-recording mixers in Hollywood. He has a profound track record as a music mixer for both TV series and movies.

Like many people, Tom Marks was awestruck with Hollywood and always wanted to settle down there. Tom grew up in a music family where he learned singing, playing guitar.

His love for music and tunes made him even more determined to start his career in Los Angeles. From childhood, Tom always did experiments with sounds and music while mixing various tunes in his audio mixer equipment. Because of his skills and talent Tom Marks when he was fifteen got a chance to prove his adeptness at a TV station in St. Louis. While his stay at the station, Tom got experience in picture editing, mix records and also held positions such as floor manager for the newscast. This brought him so much experience on the technicalities of music. After working for four years at the same local TV station, he went to ITT at Evansville, Indiana to get a degree in Electronic Engineering and graduated from Florida, Full Sail University in 2003. During his stay at Full Sail, he learned about consoles, audio beats, ProTools, etc. He straight went to Los Angeles and had settled there from fourteen years working in the sound department. Tom Marks started working as a freelancer for the Warner Bros from five years till now. He explained that Live TV shows are much more intense than the post production. As if something goes wrong in live show everything would be affected. Post the shifting to LA; Tom Marks interned at various studios and post-production offices. Through few acquaintances, he got a job at Foley Facility where he mixed tunes and for television and voice-overs. It was then he met a woman at the company and later married her; Jeannie. Tom mark’s focus is always on mixing for either a video game, trailers, VR or a TV show.

In his consultancy work, he helps in setting the music room, managing acoustics, plug-ins and mixing workflows. Tom Marks also help hardware and software companies for the development of the mixer equipment. He collaborates in the phases such as testing, designing, and prototyping. He is currently working as a recording mixer for the Netflix series “Sense 8” which just completed its second season post production. EQ, RX5, R2 surround, Exponential Audio, and iZotope are Tom Marks favorite plug-ins for mixing the tunes.

If he is not working, he loves to sit on the beach and relax while playing with his dogs. Travelling is Tom’s hobby, and adventure is his favorite genre in movies.

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