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Sushmili Acharjya

Other names of Sushmili Acharjya: Susmili Acharjee
Bengali Tv Actress Sushmili Acharjya
  • DOB : 22-12
  • Gender : Female

Sushmili Acharya is a well-known face of Bengali television. This girl caught the attention of several audiences when she debuted as the character of Satyavati in the serial ‘Phartham Pratishruti’. Next, she won the hearts of the entire Bengal as Soudamini in ‘Soudamini Sansar’. In recent times, she has been playing the role of Ramprasad's wife on Star Jalsa’s serial ‘Ramprasad’. She is studying in the tenth standard at Adarsha Balika Sikhshayatan. However, before acting in television, she had appeared in a small role in a movie called ‘Aparadhi’. She had taken a break for nine months after working on the serial ‘Karunamoyi Rani Rashmoni’ before returning to work.


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