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Bengali Tv Actress Samata Das
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Samata Das was born on July 7th, 1987 in Bengal. She was always fascinated with television serials, acting and also the prospect of appearing on television. She realized her dream very soon as she got the opportunity to act in a serial named ‘ Sonar Horin Sonar Horin is a Bengali drama serial that was bro >> Read More... ’ even as she was pursuing her higher education. Soon after her exams, she got engaged to the assistant director Shankar Chanda, who had worked on many Bengali tele serials. After her marriage, she completed an honors course from Jogesh Chandra College in Bengal.

Though her passion in acting was limited to tele serials alone, She did not reject any opportunity to act in movies. She has acted in only five movies so far, such as ‘Desh’, ‘Lal Ronger Duniya’, ‘Nagordola’, ‘Ek Mutho Chhobi’ and ‘Mondo Meyer Upakhyan’. Due to her performance in T.V serials, her loyal fans immediately accepted her when she appeared on the silver screen.

Although all the movies she did were well received, The most prized gem in her entire acting career would be her performance as Lati in the Budhadev Dasgupta directed film ‘Mondo Meyer Upakhyan.' In the movie, she performs the role of a young girl, whose mother happens to be a prostitute.

Out of extreme poverty, her mother decides to sell her daughter to a wealthy man. The apparently cruel deed that the mother does is often justified as the man had promised to offer protection for the girl. Even so, Lati knows that her dreams of pursuing higher education have been crushed. To escape the reality of being treated as a commercial object, she flees to Kolkatta.

The movie is an incredible coming of age story, and it has received a lot of recognition from the around the world ever since it was translated to French. Samata’s performance as the troubled girl was heartwarming and extremely life-like. After her phase of acting in movies, she has gone back to serials, and she takes different roles such as that of a widow and a visually challenged girl in her serials.


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