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Bengali Tv Actress Ratna Ghoshal
  • DOB : 01-01
  • Gender : Female

Ratna Ghoshal is an actress from the nineties. She is a very down to earth and is a fun person. Her looks and her skills to interact with people has always attracted the audience towards her. She was born on January 1st. She hails from Kolkata, India. Her father Gopal Chandra Ghoshal and her mother Ashalata Ghoshal raised her with all their care and values to respect people even if they are at a lower position than her. She completed her higher secondary from the Academy School, Kolkata. Ratna worked in her debut film in the year, 1965; Raja Ram Mohan, a movie directed by Bijoy Basu.in the year 1967, she worked as a supporting actor in two of the flicks including, Debi Tirtha Kamrup Kamakhya, and Kedar Raja.

After some more struggling in the film industry, she finally made her to her first movie where she was leading. In the year 1969, Ratna worked as a first lady in the picture, Panna Hire Chunni. After this film, she got many offers and is her last movie was in the year 2013, which is Bhalobasar Golpo. Ratna is a well known supporting actor. She has enacted in over fifty films. Most of the movies in her career are Bengali films. She is famous Bengali actress. She has also done Hindi films like Refugee, in the year 2006 and Papi, in the year 1990. She is comfortable with both the language Hindi and Bengali. Some of her main films include Ekhane Pinjor, released in the year 1971.

Followed by Sangsar Simante in the year 1975, Pradesh in the year 1980. In the year 1998, she worked in a movie called Chotto Bou which one of top five pictures. Her top cinemas also consist of the picture, Hirak Jayanti which released in the year 1990. Ratna is one of the optimum actors of the Bengali film industry. She went to US and Canada with some dance troupes to perform on stage in the year 1980. She is one of the most commercial actors. In 1997, she produced as well directed the commercial drama called Jay Jagannath in the Rajmahal theatre. She had a relationship with actor and direct Satya Bhandopandav. In 1989, she produced a company called Unifocus which was a production banner for many of the Bengali and Hindi serials. Afterward, she married a producer Sushil Das. She is one the most vibrant personalities in the industry.


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