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Bengali Tv Actress Prapti Chatterjee
  • Gender : Female
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Prapti Chatterjee is a Bengali Actress. She got into the limelight after her popular show Ei Chheleta Bhelbheleta Synopsis – “Ei Chheleta Bhelbheleta” is a Bengali >> Read More... . A Bengali drama aired in 2016 on Zee Bangla sharing screen with Somraj Maity Somraj Maity is counted among the eminent personal >> Read More... , Nabanita Malakar Nabanita Malakar is an Indian Bengali actress, You >> Read More... . The story revolves between Abir and Shaluk, where Prapti is playing the role of Shaluk. Some of her notable works are Rajjotok, Chokher Bali, and a Barshobaran special episode in which TV actresses Prapti Chatterjee, Sneha, Sanchari, and Madhubani Goswami Bio coming soon... >> Read More... appear as celebrities on Didi no 1.

Recently, she was seen on Zee Bangla’s famous Television show Apur Sansar with Vikram Chatterjee Vikram Chatterjee is a Bengali actor who was born >> Read More... and Somraj Maity. Vikram was seen in Ichchenodi and Somraj and Prapti were seen in Ei Cheleta Bhelbheleta.She is Currently dating Businessman Varun. Their love life started three years ago. In an interview, she revealed that they met on social media but knew each other before through a common friend and have attended the same parties before and it was Love at first sight.


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