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Bengali Tv Actress Dolly Basu
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Dolly Basu is an immensely talented actress. She has put forward several extraordinary works in the world of the Bengali entertainment industry. However, Dolly is one of the inspirational characters. Through her works and character, she has always tried to enlighten people. Her love for art and culture hits differently to the audience. Dolly Basu was born to a Punjabi family. She completed her education at Ballygunge Siksha Sadan. Since childhood, she had a distinctive love and affection for the arts.

Moreover, for her higher education, she opted for arts as her stream. Her main motive for choosing this stream is to bring out the artistic character in herself. Moreover, Dolly's father has always stood up as the supporting pillar by her side. He has always insisted that she should follow her dreams. Since then Dolly Basu started painting her life on canvas. She engaged herself in costume and set designing, as well as choreography. Later Dolly stepped into the theatre group as the lead actress. From there she gained the idea for shaping her theatre group "Chupkatha." She aimed for this group will spread Bengal theatres around the globe. Moreover, Dolly also wished to present the Bengal plays in both English and Hindi language as well.

However, Ashit Mukhopadhyay, her well-wishers, assisted her in establishing the group Chupkatha. This theatre of Dolly Basu has acted as medicine for several children. Through the essence of drama, children learn to live their lives with happiness. For the betterment of the society, she has acquired a degree in counseling. It is nothing but a step to help people. Apart from establishing this theatre group, she worked efficiently in Bengali television and drama. Moreover, Dolly appeared in movies like Anuranan and Bodhon in 2006 and 2015 respectively.


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